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    1. Newtome is offline

      Join Date
      Apr 2010
      United States
      United States
      1 Time in 1 Post

      Making and selling wood crafts?

      I am a crafter by trade! I love to make wood crafts. I know some people who make them and go to craft shows all year long and sell them. They always give out their websites on business cards. I actually thought about doing this. How successful do you think someone could be selling wood crafts on the internet?
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    2. WholesaleForum's Avatar
      WholesaleForum is offline

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      Sep 2009
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      United States
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      Google is your friend in this case, try searching wood crafts on http://adwords.google.com/select/main?cmd=KeywordSandbox

      Here is a sample (first value is global monthly searches, second value is local monthly searches, all at time of posting):

      wood craft 165,000 135,000
      wood boxes 135,000 90,500
      wood crafts 110,000 74,000
      wood toy 110,000 74,000
      wood toys 110,000 74,000
      wooden craft 74,000 49,500
      wood blocks 74,000 49,500
      crafts woodworking 90,500 49,500
      wood pattern 60,500 40,500
      wooden crafts 49,500 27,100
      handmade wood 40,500 22,200
      wood crate 27,100 22,200
      handcrafted wood 22,200 14,800
      woodcrafts 40,500 12,100
      wood crates 14,800 12,100
      unfinished wood craft 9,900 9,900
      wood craft supplies 12,100 8,100
      unfinished wood boxes 8,100 8,100
      hand made wood 9,900 8,100
      handcrafted wooden toys 8,100 8,100
      wood craft patterns 9,900 8,100
      unfinished wood crafts 8,100 6,600
      wood craft boxes 3,600 3,600
      wood craft kits 4,400 3,600
      wood craft projects 3,600 2,900
      wood storage boxes 4,400 2,900
      wood crafts patterns 2,900 2,400
      birdhouses wood 2,900 2,400
      wooden craft boxes 3,600 2,400
      wood toy boxes 3,600 2,400
      christmas wood crafts 2,900 1,900
      kids wood crafts 2,400 1,900
      country wood crafts 2,400 1,600
      wood wine boxes 1,900 1,600
      natural wood toys 2,400 1,600
      wood carving crafts 6,600 1,600
      wood craft pieces 1,600 1,300
      wood crafts supplies 1,300 1,000
      paint wood crafts 1,000 1,000
      primitive wood crafts 1,300 1,000
      wood craft project 1,300 1,000
      unfinished wood craft supplies 1,300 1,000
      free wood crafts 1,000 880
      handmade wood crafts 1,000 720
      wholesale wood crafts 880 720
      wood working crafts 880 720
      painted wood crafts 720 590
      easy wood crafts 720 590
      barn wood crafts 720 590

      Bear in mind that a high volume keyword doesn't necessarily mean you should aim for it. A high volume keyword is likely to attract more competition, therefore focusing on a niche keyword might be better to start with.

      Google Trends is another useful tool to determine spikes in demand: Google Trends: wood crafts

      If you are selling on eBay you should also try the Terapeak Market Research
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    3. leahw is offline

      Join Date
      Apr 2010
      United States
      United States
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      Wow, that was cool that you gave that information. I don't know a whole lot about keywords, but it seems like with the right keyword you can sell anything on the internet. I hope newtome goes this route and then tells us how they made out. Good luck!

    4. crafto is offline

      Join Date
      Apr 2011
      1 Time in 1 Post
      Only concentrate on your strengths..You can always hire a internet marketer or a person who knows about e-commerce.

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