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    1. Plunky97 is offline

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      Dec 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Wally International Trading Co., Ltd Review

      Anyone done trade through Wally International Trading Co., Ltd? I know theyre based in China and that they dont have a website, but from what theyve claimed to provide for cheap, Id fancy doing business with them. What can the forum tell me?
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    2. PatrickTwist is offline

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      Dec 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      These days, the lack of a website is a sketchy sort of thing. Dunno, sounds a bit Mickey Mouse to me. I’ve had a look-see, and seen a few things what gave me heavy pause.

      Went a-Googling, and found:

      Company Name:Wally International Trading Co., Ltd
      Contact Person:Ms.Wendy Su
      Emailwallytrading@hotmail com
      Address:fengze street, Quanzhou ,City, Province.China (Mainland)
      Product/Service:game console, sony playstation 3, sony ps2, wii-fit, ds lite;xbxo 360, xbox elite, xbox 360 pro, ect laptop, brands apple macbooks, hp, sony vaio

      Plugged those phone numbers into the YP, and they all throw back no results found. That’s another bit of a red flag, right next to the fact that all contact emails are @hotmail. Very shady, that, too.

      On most of the listings I’ve seen, Ms. Wendy Su warns people away from solicitations from the email wally-trading@hotmail.com, but on pages I’ve seen associated with the apparently legitimate walltrading@hotmail.com, the ad claims wholesale access to PS3s, 360s, Wiis, and even Appl products. This is extremely unlikely, but I checked it out anyway, at the Xbox site--

      ● Ingram Micro
      ● D&H Distribution
      ● Ingram Entertainment, Inc.
      ● Jack of All Games
      ● Mecca Electronics
      ● Pioneer Distributors Inc.

      Do you not see what I don’t see? I missed Wally in that list. If the company is willing to falsify its credentials about one product, then it will very likely do the same with the rest of its products, but I took a peak at the PS3 distributors and authorized Apple suppliers, and to my undying lack of surprise, there was no Wally International Trading Co., Ltd. listed.

      I checked a few of the supplier directories I have memberships through, and those that had a profile for Wally ITC Ltd were in the process of investigating the company. Just one more bad sign.

      That’s not saying that Wally doesn’t provide the goods they advertise. It is entirely possible that they’ve gotten very high quality stuff from the very manufacturers that produce the real deal, but they don’t acquire them through approved channels of distribution. This is illegal.

      I’m not saying out-and-out that Wally International Trading is a scam site, but they seem to be going to lengths to remain anonymous, and that just doesn’t make sense for anyone engaged in legitimate business. If someone has to dig around for scraps of information about your company, then you need to fire your marketing team.
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