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    1. tommygodxx's Avatar
      tommygodxx is offline

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      Nov 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Review / verify Womptek.com.tw Womptek International Corporation

      Hey guys/gals I found a company that offers what appears to be wholesale items.

      I have attempted to do some research and haven't found anything bad, but at the same time I haven't found anything good either. While searching I was able to see their name listed in a couple of what seem to be directory sites, I mean sort of like what DH-gate is although they were not listed in DH-gate. this may or may not be a good thing. I like that there are not too many listings for them but I am afraid I am falling for some kinda of trick.

      I have had multiple email correspondence with them, although it has now been several days since any response from them.

      They do not list any type of prices on their website. I have to specifically ask them about the product and the quantity I want also, the quote for an item was X$ per unit FOB. I haven't gotten to the total shipping cost yet.

      Another thing, the email address of the person I spoke with is a domain of the site but they also offered me a "hot mail" contact.

      Is using a free email a bad thing if they also offer a domain based one??
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    2. WholesaleForum's Avatar
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      Sep 2009
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      United States
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      Hi Tommy, it looks perfectly legitimate and has been trading for a few years now. There is nothing suspicious about the company.

      If you are in doubt about the free email account, write an email to the domain based email address asking to confirm that the free email address belongs to the company.
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    3. Yorchy is offline

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      Jan 2011
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      Hi Tommy,

      My name is George, I'm in Taiwan now, I had a meeting with this company, all appear to be corect. I'm close to buy them somethings, but I'm worry about your post. Please, tell me how was the result of your purchase? finally they sent to you the right goods? you are satisfied with them? Please, I'm here in Taipei and I need have an idea about them as soon as possible, I will apreciate how ends your experience with them.

      best regards,

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