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    1. Harry_shipper's Avatar
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      Aug 2010
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      GoodGoodsChina.com Chinese wholesaler reviews - wedding gowns from China

      Hello folks! I need to source dresses, wedding gowns, to be precise. Most prices Ive found are ridiculous (sort of to be expected), but I came across GoodGoodsChina.com. Ive seen a couple good reviews, but those can be faked pretty easily. Anyone have any info on whether Good Goods is legit?
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    2. Robin_texas is offline

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      I can understand your reticence to deal with GoodGoodsChina. We’re inundated with horror stories about Chinese counterfeiters and low product quality, but there’s something you want to take into account-- GoodGoods isn’t selling branded products. That’s the key you want to watch out for. Any Chinese firm claiming to source branded goods is going to be counterfeiting or just outright scamming you.

      On the contrary, GoodGoodsChina is selling custom dresses, costumes, etc. Check out their EDUCATION page. They go to great lengths to inform their customers and retailers about the safe, proper way of getting a dress, encouraging folks to do their own research before deciding on anything. This, to me, indicates a business genuinely involved in the industry. That is, a counterfeiter is going to focus his attention on getting conversions, not telling people to do research that might very well result in their going elsewhere. That kind of earnestness is rare in crooks.

      Checked out their WhoIS report, and hey, it’s filled out. That doesn’t typically happen with spammers or counterfeiters. Consistent, complete contact information is a good indication that these folks are on the up-and-up. Yes, “May Gong” has a Hotmail account for contact info, but hell, I use gMail in my business. I just don’t have the size to justify paying for a hundred business accounts I’ll never use.

      Web of Trust has nothing to say about the site, but GoodGoodsChina is also VERY new. Their return policy is generous, but believable. Counterfeiters will typically either have draconian return/exchange policies, or promise the moon in shipping and returns. GoodGoodsChina has a reasonable 7 day return policy, and if the error was found to be exclusively on GoodGoodsChina’s end, they’ll eat the cost of the dress and shipping/handling fees. Even if the issue is a sizing error resulting from the customer’s provided info, no dice. That, to me, makes perfect sense.

      Next concern most folks would have is the pidgin grammar. This is a Chinese company, and likely uses native Mandarin speakers for their web content. Some issues with translation are going to crop up, but the site isn’t riddled with the kind of mistakes and spelling errors I’d associate with a shake-and-bake scam site. Overall, from what I’ve seen, this site is not only completely legit, but a great source for what you need. I’d definitely check them out, but also keep doing your own research on other valid sources. Good luck!
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