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    1. Soleinput is offline

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      Apr 2012
      South Africa
      South Africa
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      Dzone and CRDynamics.net Reviews - Hong Kong Suppliers Legitimate or Scam?

      I am thinking of working with these two companies based in HK and was wondering if they are legitimate and if anyone has had experience with them
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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
      MissWholesale is offline

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      Mar 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Hello Soleinput,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      Both Dzone and CRDynamics are Hong Kong-based Trading Companies that deal with popular consumer electronics products. The companies have good online presence and are legitimate wholesale and drop ship sources as is evident from the several checks we have carried out. Their websites and online reviews also support this fact. Look at the contact details below:

      Dzone Hong Kong Limited
      Flat B 6/F, Dragon Industrial Building,
      93 King Lam Street, Cheung Sha Wan,
      Kowloon, Hong Kong
      Tel: +852 3520 2217
      Fax: (852) 35202588
      Contact Person: Tim Kwok

      CR Dynamics
      Unit 1207-1209, 12/F,
      777 Lai Chi Kok Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong
      Tel: Office Hour: (852) 2728-3119
      24 Hours: (852) 9097-7708
      Fax: (852) 3015-8724
      Website: http://www.crdynamics.net/
      Email: wholesales@crdynamics.net

      Dzone is into the business of branded consumer electronics since the past 7 years while CRDynamics has completed 10 years in this trade line. Both the companies are reported to offer competitive pricing and great after-sales service. Though there are no major negative reviews/feedbacks about any of them, we still suggest that you carefully examine their websites, review every page like ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Terms’, ‘Warranties and Refunds’ et and ask them a few relevant questions by email to analyze their responses and response times. This will help you identify any suspicious comments or requests pertaining to their methods of payment and shipping. If you want to maximise your chances of enjoying a fruitful partnership with any supplier, you must ensure you are have a clear insight about the company's processes and offerings.

      Both Dzone and CRDynamics offer a drop shipping plan. Check their drop ship prices and make sure that these are sufficiently competitive for you to make a profit. If possible, meet the supplier in person, and if you decide to commit to larger orders consider engaging local agents to inspect the stock quality both at the factory and before it is loaded for shipment.

      Apart from these simple checks, if you feel there is something especially relevant/unique to your business that does not seem to be covered by their service, do not hesitate to contact them. Make things clear before you place orders and before you commit your hard earned money.

      To find many more legitimate and reliable suppliers of consumer electronics try eSources, WholesaleDeals and World Wide Brands, which are the web’s three largest directories of verified wholesalers and dropshippers from all over the world, including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia and more.

      Have a look at the following results:
      Hong Kong SAR Suppliers of Electronics & Photo
      Global Suppliers of Electronics & Photo

      To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers, you should read the following threads:
      Wholesale Sources - How To Find Verified Wholesalers and Drop Shippers Instantly
      Zero to Hero - How a home based start up generated over �3 millions in just one year

      Hope this helps
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    3. 2msales is offline

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      Mar 2015
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      Rated this thread:

      Had a good experience with CRD (CR Dynamics). No complaints from customers whatsoever and prompt shipping.


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