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    1. valky is offline

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      Oct 2010
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      United States
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      Apparelshowroom.com Review - ATTN Company Legit or scam?

      Has anyone ever dealt with Apparelshowroom.com? I was wondering if they are legit or not?
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    2. Hill_green's Avatar
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      Jul 2010
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      United States
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      I have not dealt with them but I can give you my tips for determining whether a site is generally trustworthy or not.

      First I look for contact information. Do they list a phone number that works and a physical address. This site has both. Next I would give them a call and ask about the products I am interested in.

      Their customer service is of extreme importance and if they are willing to chat with you and encourage you in your business endeavors then that is a good sign.

      Check their “whois” information. Go to whois.net and check on their registration information. This is the general information they must input when buying their website. The whois information for this website does not come up which raises a red flag. Then since I buy my domains through godaddy.com you can put the URL in there and it will show the address is taken. Next to the domain name it says “get info”. This is the whois info as well. It shows up here and shows that they have been in business with this URL since 2005. But it does not show the registrant’s name and address which I am looking to match up with the listed info on their Contact page.

      care of Network Solutions
      PO Box 459
      Drums, PA. US 18222

      It’s a general red flag but not insurmountable. Really bad whois info is when their addresses and phone numbers do not match or they chose not to reveal it. When someone chooses not to reveal it I generally think they have something to hide.

      Next I want to read reviews of the site. A simple google search shows me there is one bad review because of customer service issues and no good reviews. What I could find out is that they sell major brands that are bought as overstock or liquidation.

      Finally I consider the market I am potentially going to be selling in. If I am buying branded goods from the USA to sell in Europe I have to be concerned about Parallel Importing rules. Branded goods are only to be sold in the market they were manufactured for. There could be a legal issue selling products meant for the USA in Europe. This would be a good question to discuss with them.

      Overall, I think their website looks legit. They list their contact information, they have valid payment sources (paypal, credit cards, etc), and their products look to be genuine. Their whois info is a little sketchy but not terrible. I am a little concerned about the parallel importing if you are planning to sell the goods someplace other than the US. Their Terms and Conditions are clearly stated on their site too. The next thing to do is give them a call and place a sample order and see how the process goes.
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