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    1. Rocky78 is offline

      Join Date
      Oct 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      11 Times in 6 Posts

      Wholesalers of gardening books UK - Garden book suppliers

      Looking to supply my gardening shop with books on... gardening. Anyone have suggestions for wholesale suppliers here in the UK? Iíve done a bit of poking around on my own, at a directory I use, and came up with some inconclusive results
      but thatís it so far. Any other info?
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    2. lyndonb is offline

      Join Date
      Oct 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      8 Times in 8 Posts
      ‚óŹ Gardnerís Books
      1 Whittle Drive
      East Sussex
      BN23 6QH
      Telephone: +44 (0)1323 521555
      Fax: +44 (0)1323 521666

      Despite the name, not especially dedicated to garden books. What they are is one of the biggest book wholesalers on the island. Most recently, winners of the UK Independent Bookseller of the Year award. Theyíve earned it. All around excellent service, and a staggering inventory.

      ‚óŹ Bertrams
      1 Broadland Business Park,
      Norwich, Norfolk,
      NR7 0WF
      Phone: 0871 803 6633
      Fax: 0871 803 6711
      Email: *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      All contact info is for their New Account Queries people. Started ďin a chicken shed in 1968Ē, Bertrams became one of the leading UK book suppliers for retailers around the world. Again, good service, excellent selection.

      ‚óŹ Jim Oldroyd Books
      14-18 London Road,
      TN13 1AJ
      Phone: +44 (0)1732 463356
      Fax: +44 (0)1732 464486
      Email: *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, Oldroyd is an established supplier, with access to thousands of books in virtually every theme. Like the previous two samplings, great service, incredible inventory. Really should have no problem working through them.

      I donít know that I can recommend any one of these companies over the other. I do know that I prefer to work through businesses I know to be well-established over those I track down in Internet directories, but directory listings can lead to solid sources, as well, for instance, esources - UK Gardening Book Suppliers
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