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    1. Mumof3 is offline

      Join Date
      Dec 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      1 Time in 1 Post

      Where can I find designer shoe suppliers?

      The shoe shop I own with my partner has been growing in profit recently, and I’d like to see that trend continue. Since now, we have only been selling off-brand shoes. We are thinking that now is the time to start building our stock by adding designer brand shoes. We just don’t know who supplies these shoes. Can anyone give us a starting point?
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    2. fishbro is offline

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      Oct 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      I would recommend trying out these user friendly sites that wholesale designer shoes.

      CasandraShoes.co.uk is a UK wholesaler that started in 2003.

      1. Offers ladies boots, flip-flops, sandals, pumps and matching shoes and bags.
      2. Offers men’s boots and shoes.
      3. Has special prices on certain styles and brands.
      4. You must register or log into the site to view prices.
      5. Maintains strong relationships with manufacturers so as to offer the customers great wholesale prices.
      6. Simple online ordering process.

      Bennies UK Footwear Wholesalers is just what its name claims it to be.

      1. Offers ladies designer Uggs and Wellies.
      2. Offers children’s Chipmunk brand.
      3. Has a minimum shipment size requirement.
      4. Simple online ordering process at Wholesale Shoes, Footwear Wholesalers, Bennies Wholesaler Uk, Shoes Wholesalers Uk.

      DRP Supplies is another great supplier: DRP Supplies

      1. Features women’s shoes, boots and sandals.
      2. Designers include Sacha London, Joseph & Feiss, George and Diamante.
      3. Great prices for brand names.
      4. Has a minimum shipment price requirement.
      5. An established shoe wholesaler for twenty-six years.
      6. Must order by e-mailing *Visible to qualifying WF members only*. Have exact product information on hand, as well as the size of shipment.

      Not many wholesalers can sell high-end designer shoes. If you are not sure if a shoe is actually designer or not on a website, the best step would be to call or e-mail the company whose brand you want to sell. It can tell you all the details about the shoe you are interested in and if you want, you can place an order over the phone.
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