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    1. P. Anderson is offline

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      Aug 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Pound Line UK Wholesalers - Need Tips on Sourcing Poundline Products from China

      Hi there,

      Does anyone know of reputable and cheap pound line wholesalers based in the UK? I have Googled for the same but cannot get any assistance.

      I am looking for wholesalers or distributors (UK based) of pound line products (in bulk quantities) .If you could also assist me with sourcing pound line items from China, I would be really grateful.

      I thought Wholesale Forum would be a great place to ask for help.

      Thanks in advance
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      sales06 (27 Dec 2019), loyalstar (20 Mar 2020), Zanatro (18 Oct 2021)

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      Hi Anderson,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      Have a look at the following UK suppliers of pound line products:To find the best verified UK and global wholesale suppliers of pound line products, we recommend using the three largest online trade directories of verified suppliers: All three list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. Have a look at the following results:

      UK Suppliers of Pound Line ProductsEU and other International Suppliers of Pound Line Products Pound line items have become increasingly popular in recent years and the number of UK pound line shops has increased significantly. Therefore there is lots of competition in this segment. You need to first analyse the market and see what is already being sold before committing to a specific strategy, to verify the format in which they are presented (for example, some brands produce lower weight or lower units packaging to cater to this segment). Pound line items encompasses products from all categories ranging from home and garden supplies, kitchen products, health and beauty products, electrical products, DIY products, toiletries, food items, stationery items, Christmas decorations, candles, art and craft supplies, auto accessories, children’s toys, board games, baby care products, camping and outdoor items, apparel, party supplies, gifts to pet care products and medical supplies. You can also account for seasonal pound line items. You could approach A&K Hosiery Ltd, which stocks a range of winter pound lines alongside everyday pound lines.Also, check the following wholesale suppliers, importers and distributors of pound lines:
      • Pound Shop Wholesalers - Pound Worth Trading Ltd Pound Worth is a wholesale supplier and importer of pound lines and discount products to pound shops, market traders and eBay sellers. They stock pound line items including baby care products, health and beauty supplies, home and kitchen ware products, DIY and tools, gifts and party supplies, toys, stationery items, bike and car maintenance products, pest control products, clearance items as well as pet care products.
      • Pound Wholesale | Free Delivery on Orders over £500 Pound Wholesale is the UK’s leading importer, distributor and supplier of a varied range of pound lines and discount products.
      • My Pound Value - About Us Supplying a range of pound line items including home and garden, 1 product, electrical products, tools, stationery, personal care & baby care products and many other items.
      If sourcing pound lines from China, consider the following points. One of the best locations for pound lines in China is the Futian market in Yiwu city, China. This is located in the Zhejiang province in Yiwu and considered as the world’s largest small commodities market. The majority of UK pound stores and shops source their products from this market. Many UK pound stores also source pound line items from Chinese manufacturers and import them by container loads in the UK. For purchasing products in China, you will need an interpreter or agent).

      In general, pound line buyers purchase up to 300 different product lines, which cannot be sourced from a single factory. You will find yourself dealing with 5 to 10 suppliers, which will involve sourcing, evaluating, consolidated shipping, inspecting, logistics and export documentation as well as commercial invoices and packing lists. Also you should order product samples, verify packaging, and have an agent at the location to inspect that your product requirements have been met. Also bear in mind that most of these products are not available in stock; quality control is a must, since the products will be produced on demand and specifically for your order. Dealing with a good agent will simplify the process, eliminate language barriers and include after sales support if required. An agent can also help negotiate the terms and prices with suppliers. Not to mention saving your time and expense of travelling to China.

      For more information about sourcing pound line products, see the following past discussions:To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers see:Hope this helps
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    4. Thank you for this post:

      sales06 (27 Dec 2019)

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