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    1. bill paraschou is offline

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      Oct 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      How can I approach retailers - Finding new buyers


      I represent a women clothing industry and I live in England. The industry based in Greece.I can supply in wholesale to whoever is interested. How can I approach retailers?

      Thank you
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    2. WFModerator is offline

      Join Date
      May 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      15 Times in 13 Posts
      Hi Bill,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      We suggest that you know as much as you can about any particular retailer you have in mind before approaching them. Who buys from them? What’s their pricing structure like? How many stores do they have? You get the idea.

      Once you’ve gathered some intel, send an email to that retailer and ask what are their guidelines.

      After you’ve received a couple of nibbles, be ready to rant about the quality of your competitors and rave about yours, which is going to sway the retailer to at least test your waters.

      You should kindly return the favor by offering them a substantial discount if they pay using their Visa credit/debit card. Not only do you save precious time when tax time rolls around, you don’t even have to kick in any doors when it’s time to collect.

      If a retailer prefers paperwork when it comes to ordering, give them that option to do so. Make it a downloadable link on your website so they can print it and phone / fax the order to you.

      Keep in mind that any retailer is going to ask for a product sample since they have to factor in shop space, design, and their brand to see if you mesh well with theirs. They’re going to try out your products for themselves before they decide to sell it to their customers. Patience is one of the keys.

      For more information about the buying process for both wholesale and retail products, we would like you to read the following threads on Wholesale Forum:

      - https://www.wholesaleforum.com/discu...ferences-4267/

      - https://www.wholesaleforum.com/discu...esellers-2587/

      - https://www.wholesaleforum.com/discu...product-15143/

      Hope this helps
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    3. William Lamb Footwear's Avatar
      William Lamb Footwear is offline

      Join Date
      Oct 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Hi Bill,

      I agree with a lot of what Wfmoderator said but I would refrain from saying anything too bad about your competitors products, as you never know how close the buyer is to another company and could close the door before it's open.

      A couple of other tips for you.

      Trade shows - These are invaluable in reaching a lot of new customers in a short space of time. The downfall of these are the good ones are normally quite expensive.

      If you are looking at trying to get into any of the major mutliple retailers you will need to find out the right buyers details (nothing worse than spending a lot of time chasing someone to find out it's the wrong department). You will find that buyers are quite elusive but keep persisting and you can reap the rewards of big orders if you have what they need.

      And finally if you have any catalogues or leaflets which you can send out to people just spend time searching the internet for suitable retailers and mail them or cold call on them

      Hope this helps

    4. Thank you for this post:

      WholesaleForum (20 Oct 2011)

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