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      eSources - eSources.co.uk Scam Reviews - Anyone used them? Is it a scam?

      Hi, I have heard very good feedbacks about a directory called esources from my contacts in the trade. I am aware it is considered the most comprehensive UK service, however has anyone here tried it? How good is it?

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      Hi UKTrader,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      eSources is the web's largest resource of verified wholesale and dropship distributors. If you are looking for testimonials from real people who have used it and which you can verify yourself against the UK electoral roll, see esources premium buyers testimonials.

      Here are some facts about eSources:

      1. Largest directory of verified trade distributors (just over 110,000) and drop shippers (over 3,000) on the web.
      2. Longest established verified directory service in the UK, growing since 2004.
      3. Best value for money amongst verified directories, both for number and quality of sources; approximately 10 times larger than the nearest option;
      4. Unlimited free ecommerce websites with free hosting and automated drop ship feeds (list of features here)
      5. Unlimited research: need even more top sources? Get unlimited research reports based on your requirements.
      6. Free eBay Business Handbook (bestseller for trading on eBay) with yearly account;
      7. Free eBay market research credits.

      eSources is also the only directory that has campaigned against drop shipping scams and middlemen drop shippers. The majority of directories will list any site that claims to drop ship, even if the site is just an aggregator or worse a middleman "drop shipper" charging you sign up fees only to offer you retail or above retail prices. eSources is different because it inspects a drop shipper's processes before the drop shipper can be included in the directory. Members can then trade with genuine drop shippers only. The james marnley scam and the fake uk dropship reviews scam are just some of the scams that were first brought to light by eSources. As soon as the drop ship scams were exposed, they reacted by creating all sorts of fake blogs and fake reviews to attack eSources, because they want to silence the truth. eSources is the exact opposite of what drop ship scammers have tried to make you believe, because it features the actual drop ship sources that middlemen are using.

      Imagine you were a supplier, and that your buyers could have access to tens of thousands of profitable wholesale and drop ship sources. What would you do? If you were honest, you would try to be more competitive. Unfortunately middlemen drop shippers aren't honest, they will use any means to misinform you, and to discredit anyone that exposes their overpriced services. eSources is exactly that, a service that will safeguard you against middlemen and scammers. It verifies over 3,000 new sources every month, and has paid the price for warning buyers about drop ship rip offs. If you have any sense of business, you understand that the best services for you are services dedicated to wholesale buyers, those services that go to any length to protect you against scams (even if that means having to put up with fake reviews posted by the same scammers that were exposed).

      eSources publishes feedback comments from members who have used the service at eSources wholesale suppliers and dropshippers directory. Recent testimonials are added regularly to reflect current sentiment. Further, you can verify the testimonials yourself by checking the testimonee's postal address against the UK electoral roll, which is published online by a number of websites. Some of the eSources testimonials are very revealing, because they expose what many buyers had been fed up with until they found esources. You can follow their advice, or find out for yourself the truth once a few drop ship middlemen have worked you out

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      Largest resource of verified contacts for retailers. When I was first starting out I used them constantly. Site design could be improved but the content is awesome. Highly recommended.

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      I know their story very well, there are a couple of dropship scams eSources has exposed which have created fake blogs to try to stop eSources from telling the truth about dreadful middlemen drop shipping scams in the UK. These scams are regularly posting fake reviews using fake users, fake pictures and forged documents. There is never any evidence, never any proof of purchase, never any fiscal proof, just statements designed to trash the site and discredit it for daring to expose worthless drop ship intermediaries. Then the fake statements are followed by people who are so confused that just believe the fake reviews and get a distorted impression of their service, without realizing just what they are missing.

      eSources has over the years paid the price for warning resellers about scam suppliers, and for informing its members about non profitable and scam drop shippers. I remember they reported a non profitable UK dropshipper back in 2009, however because the UK dropshipper owns its own forum, he began posting fake reviews about esources using fake forum users that had never used esources.

      As a result of these exclusions and warnings, scammers competitors and scam drop shipping companies began a smear campaign against esources.

      The crazy thing is that eSources is the only directory that stands its ground for buyers, it has no vested interest in any supplier and can therefore afford to take buyers' side. There are hundreds of free and even paid directories that will bend over just to receive some advertising money. eSources wouldn't have over 178,000 premium members if it was crap.

      You will not find a better sourcing directory than eSources, I can guarantee you of that.

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      esources... all good

      I found esources useful to find a lot of wholesalers that supply the products I was after.

      From my experience dropshipping is good but pricey. personally i don't use drop shippers any more, i found it easier finding suppliers who offer stock feeds, and then selling the products they have in stock but having them deliver individual units or box quantities to me or my fulfillment house. If I run out of stock, next day delivery allows me to ship out next day to my customer without having the risk of using a drop shipper or holding stock.

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      You will always read bad reviews about esources, it's the only directory I know that is proactive about exposing and refusing advertising to suppliers that are underperforming.

      If you think that we are over 180,000, the loss to a supplier from being excluded must be quite significant. If I was kicked out I would probably be quite upset, but I would at the very least consider how I could improve my service for reinclusion, rather than posting fake reviews about esources.

      In the UK all the dropship forums are controlled by a few UK dropshippers. I start wondering how accurate the information on those forums is. Personally I prefer an independent resource that will safeguard me as a buyer if a supplier is a waste of my time, and that will get removed if it is not performing.

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      The real reason middlemen drop shippers sweat over esources is because it reveals the same drop shippers they are using. They are doing everything they can to try to discredit esources and their verification process for the simple reason that they know they cannot make a profit from you if you obtain access to their same suppliers.

      Imagine if, instead of paying middlemen drop shippers a fee, you bypassed them and went directly to the cheaper source. Your business would suddenly be competitive, your margins would increase, and their businesses would go to the ground.

      This is the reason they will do anything to try to keep you away from esources and, therefore, their sources (including claiming that suppliers are unchecked: the most effective supplier verification occurs without the knowledge of the supplier. You wouldn't go to a scammer and ask them "Are you a scammer?" or would you? )

      One thing you should understand is that middlemen drop shippers are salesmen, they are trained at persuading people, and we guarantee you they will flip you like burgers unless you are very careful. They will do anything to keep their potential prey misinformed. For example, the only two drop ship forums in the UK are owned by two middlemen drop shippers, where they are purposely publishing false information just to keep traders away from the sources that can actually earn you money. Similarly, they use fake drop ship blogs to achieve the same end. They dread the idea of you going to a real drop shipper or wholesaler and ordering directly from the source, because it shifts the profits from them to you. They do it to keep inexperienced traders confused, and to charge them for website packages that can easily be obtained for free.

      Even now that you know this, we can guarantee you that you still risk to be persuaded by their marketing. They aren't fools, their job is to persuade people, middlemen drop shippers will give you hundreds of excuses why you should sign up, and one of them can easily persuade you despite all the warnings.

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      Hi, great community.

      In simple terms, this is what is happening. eSources has over the years refused inclusion and exposed a number of scams and fake dropshipping services. In retort, those same scams have been publishing false information about our service because they don't want you to listen to the resource that is exposing them.

      Today eSources offers members over 75,000 individually verified wholesale and dropship sources, which are researched and investigated from every angle. We don't carry out a simply company check, we dig much more in depth on each supplier, and we regularly monitor their performance. Put simply, we offer our members the largest resource of verified wholesalers and dropshippers on the web, and we aren't the first to say this, thousands of our customers think so and their testimonials are unequivocal: https://www.esources.co.uk/premiumbuyer.php. Overpriced dropshippers soon realised that, because you can have access to such a large and resourceful database, they are risking to be cut out of the supply chain. Therefore, to save their schemes, they purposely made up testimonials and stories about esources. They want you to spend your money on worthless dropshipping programs, and it bothers them that someone like esources can help you cut them out and finally start earning a profit from your resale business.

      As a consequence, these very same dropshippers we have banned and exposed decided that, because they are a scam, they might as well try to place esources in the same pot. They want you to think that, if they are a scam, the same must be the case of the people who have exposed them. And so they started posting all sorts of fake testimonials and fake content about esources on the web, claiming that esources is somehow involved in job scams, database theft, fake testimonials, you name it they have tried it And fortunately it is only bringing us good publicity, because resellers who want to make money are quick to realise that esources offers tens of thousands of profitable sources, many of which are supplying the middlemen dropshippers that are trying to eat into your profits.

      eSources is not entirely innocent, we are guilty of:

      1. Excluding suppliers that refuse to verify themselves. We will not subject our members to dubious businesses. As a result of helping buyers avoid scams, we have to put up with fake reviews posted by those very scammers we warned our members about. Fortunately we have many members whose word of mouth helps us continue warning others about scam sites and fake opportunities.

      2. Banning suppliers that do not keep up with buyer satisfaction. It is those very same suppliers that have been excluded from eSources for offering a notoriously bad service that are posting fake reviews about eSources online. No bad supplier wants a resource that protects buyers against rip off sellers, because they would like to continue running their scams unattended.

      We don't want any authority badge, we just want to help buyers trade safely, and fortunately we have been very successful at that. You do not get 182,000 memberships unless what you offer is of extreme value, but you do get a lot of jealousy along with it. We reinvest a very large percentage of all our return in continuing to offer a safe trading environment, because we believe that money on its own has no purpose unless it's reinvested for a good cause. And we have plenty of proof that what we are doing is for a good cause, proof that is evident from the hundreds of feedback comments we have received from genuine buyers who have actually used our service. And anyone wondering if our testimonials are authentic should really ask the question whether a business that has been trading since 2004 and with hundreds of positive testimonials (each associated with a real person and a real and verifiable postal address) could still be trading if we did anything that was questionable.

      We have been accused of:

      1. Sending out job emails. Those are known as phishing emails, and are sent out by fraudsters impersonating well known companies (you may be familiar with emails trying to impersonate your bank, PayPal, eBay etc. Unfortunately all popular services are subjected to the practice - an easy way to spot the genuineness of an email is to check the From email address, if it is not from the domain name of the company you are expecting the email from, you automatically know it is not from them).

      To conclude, in our industry there are two types of services:

      i. One which is in favour of suppliers, and
      ii. One which is in favour of buyers.

      eSources belongs to the latter category.

      Services that favour suppliers will often get labelled a scam by buyers, because buyers using those services end up getting scammed very often (this happens because the service is in favour of suppliers, and therefore supplier checks are far fewer).

      Services that favour buyers will often get labelled a scam by suppliers, because suppliers checks are much stricter, and suppliers that get excluded can't take it on the chin. The question is, do you need a pro-supplier or pro-buyer service?

      We have 3 full time experts whose only role is to monitor and review our existing sources, it's a lot of work but it's also the reason we have such high loyalty.

      We will continue to pay the price for protecting our buyer members.

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      Thanks for this post everyone - the first post I have opened since joining WF and it is exactly the type of information I was looking for when I decided to register. I was just about to commit money to a 'dropshipper' when I came across this website. This is great advice from people who have been there and done it. Thanks again.

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      Originally Posted by notimetoulouse View Post
      Thanks for this post everyone - the first post I have opened since joining WF and it is exactly the type of information I was looking for when I decided to register. I was just about to commit money to a 'dropshipper' when I came across this website. This is great advice from people who have been there and done it. Thanks again.
      You will be surprised what middlemen dropshippers are attempting to do right now just to get your money. We have banned a few over the years because their service ceased to be competitive, and 3 of them have since set up their own forum because we are exposing them, and will continue to.

      This is what we guarantee:

      1. We guarantee to provide you with the same sources middlemen dropshippers are using. You buy at the prices they are buying at, so that you can make more profit or sell at cheaper prices compared to their sellers. We are committed to the success of our buyer members, we want you to replace middlemen dropshippers and their clients so that you can make a profit.

      2. You will receive a free hosted ecommerce website included with your upgrade, with lots of advanced ecommerce features that are far superior to any site middleman dropshippers claim to offer, and with 24/7 customer support to help you grow your website . This is in addition to the access to our database of over 75,000 suppliers including over 3,000 dropshippers; our market research tool; and the eBay Business Handbook (this is a 320 page guide delivered to you by post, and has been classed by many as THE guide for starting a successful eBay business, yours free).

      The dropshippers we have exposed know so well that they are overpriced, and they are very aware our service offers significantly more value. They are now trying to make money from you by posting fake reviews about themselves, about us, and about competitors, because they want you to pay for their overpriced hosting packages and overpriced products (yes they charge as much as £100 to supply you with goods at extortionate prices, when you could have access to much better and cheaper sources and obtain your website for free).

      We aim to offer a service that gives you everything you need to get started and be successful: the sources, the website, the knowledge, the support, from just £20. We aim for our buyer members to make money as quickly as possible. Why do we do that? Simple, we want you to evaluate our service for very little investment, so that you can verify for yourself that we are everything our members have claimed. And if you are satisfied, it means you will remain our customer, start seeing it as an investment and an essential service that keeps you competitive.

      You will never find a dropshipper that can claim many positive testimonials, and of course there is a reason for it. The following are some of the eSources members testimonials we have received up to November 2009. We have received hundreds more since. These are not random anonymous comments that cannot be traced to their authors, but actual eSources members testimonials from people with a physical address that can be verified and has been verified by the same authorities that are now investigating the middlemen that are misinforming you for their own gain:

      "you have identified more credible suppliers than any other wholesale register I have used"
      "having recieved the whole package, I can truly say that it is worth the money. It is hard to see how any one could fail to succeed if they follow your methods"
      "excellent for sourcing stock"
      "Impressed ... very happy"
      "I have already found some new and very valuable sources for the products I am after ... the choice is excellent for all types of products"
      "esources has proved to be great for our business"
      "The site is amazing with some wonderful resources and links"
      "significant margins ... the best I have come across"
      "I have been really pleased with esources"
      "we use your web site every day"
      "Very good"
      "invaluable ... I feel confident with Esources"
      "Brilliant, a real eye opener"
      "I found your service very helpful ... I will be using this service all the time come the New Year. Most inspirational thanks again"
      "great ... plenty of information"
      "full of invaluable resources for business which can\'t be found elsewhere"
      "great value ... I found everything I have been looking for"
      "your service is great"
      "has saved me so much time trying to find suppliers. The help guides are excellent, really informative and explain things wonderfully"
      "your service is excellent ... it has been a great success ... brilliant. All the best"
      "great value"
      "Very pleased with the services, information and help that esources has been able to offer"
      "thank you for all the great information and business secrets you have been sharing with me"
      "very grateful ... I have been able to set up my own website and gain suppliers with a very minimal budget"
      "Hi Thanks for email, i would recomend your service to anyone, excellent"
      "Your site is awesome! ... excellent service"
      "I am very happy. It is very overwhelming with all the sites and information"
      "excellent website"
      "I have been more than happy and found the free book you sent me the most useful e-bay book I have ever read"
      "Thanks very much, I am certainly recommending esources to my friends"
      "I have found the free website a really useful tool to increase my sales. It was easy to use and looks great"
      "It is brilliant I am very pleased with all the choices. All I can say is keep up the good work"
      "the support team have been really helpful. The ecommerce store was easier to implement than I imagined"
      "This is brilliant. I will be signing up for longer membership"
      "really pleased with the information that the website gives and looking forward to learning more from the excellent book you sent me"
      "There is just so much information available now that we have subscribed, the back up and courses plus the updates are fantastic"
      "eSources has help me find so many suppliers to get my business on the way, many many thanks"
      "You truly do seem to list some excellent wholesaling opportunites. We've already started dropshipping. So far so good. Thank you very much."
      "I have just set up my webshop. There are some lovely templates from which to choose and it is great that I have such flexibility with its design"
      "Since I've started with esources its really eased the process of finding distributors for products which is great"
      "I would like to thank you for such a wonderful website. I have been fortunate enough to forge two superior relationships with suppliers since upgrading"
      "the most informative & comprohensive site that i have ever had the pleasure of using"
      "esources is fab, just wish i'd found you earlier"
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      More recent premium members testimonials can be found at https://www.esources.co.uk/premiumbuyer.php

      Whatever you decide we wish you well, just try not to fall for dropshipping scams please. We are always available to answer any questions about our service and your business. We of course hope that our testimonials speak for themselves, so that we can focus our resources on offering you an even better service. However should you have any questions we are happy to assist you make the best start and grow your business.

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