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    1. SemperFiMarine is offline

      Join Date
      Jun 2010
      United States
      United States
      0 Times in 0 Posts

      Educational Puzzle Suppliers USA - American Distributor of Academic Brain Teasers

      Doing research leading up to the start of a new puzzle shop in the coming months. Anybody got any information on wholesale suppliers for brain teasers and the like that will at least ship to the US?
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    2. dealsrus is offline

      Join Date
      Oct 2010
      United States
      United States
      23 Times in 21 Posts
      I sell brain teasers and the like through eBay, and have a little experience with a few wholesalers. I've a good thing going with drop ship, as well, so I’m not all that nervous about handing out my wholesale sources. I can attest to everyone I’m suggesting, so you should be good on using any of them.

      ThinkFun Inc.

      ThinkFun Inc.
      1321 Cameron Street
      Alexandria, VA 2231
      Phone: 1-800-468-1864
      Email: *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      These guys are fantastic. They not only sell some of the best teasers and puzzles on the market, but also have a full support structure for their wholesale and affiliate partners.

      Creative Crafthouse

      1196 Waterfall Dr
      Spring Hill, FL 34608 USA
      Phone: 352-683-6649
      email: *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      Purveyors of absolutely gorgeous, unusual, often unique (as in copyrighted) puzzles and teasers. Creative Crafthouse is one of those rare birds in the wholesale industry who are both possessed of unusual products of excellent quality, as well as being competent wholesalers.


      160 OTIS ST C1-8
      NORTHBOROUGH, MA 01532
      Phone: 1-800-283-3442
      Email: *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      General novelty wholesalers, with a large line of puzzles and brain teasers. Novelties Wholesale are generally competent and capable. Not the kind of dynamic, inventive products as some of the other suppliers in this list provide, but certainly saleable.

      MindWare Wholesale

      2100 County Road C West
      Roseville, MN 55113-2501
      Phone: 800.296.9485
      Fax: 800.936.6765
      *Visible to qualifying WF members only*

      These folks are dedicated wholesalers, and also manufacturers of brain teasers. For a wholesaler, they actually have pretty decent MOQ's - $100, and at least 3 of any of the given items ordered. I've done a few of their items, and they sold like gangbusters.

      Like I said, there’s quite a bit of a market out there for brain teasers, and this is a good chunk of the viable and reliable wholesalers in the industry. I really hope this is of help
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