I am currently looking at starting my own business selling stuff that I can buy from China. The problem I have is that I have started looking at Alibaba, DH Gate and Global Sources. I picked 1 product so that I could get a price comparison from various different suppliers and the problem is that the prices you get quoted are so different. I have even been emailed by sites who will do dropshipping and their prices are stupidly low for products. For example I have been quoted a price of 13.00 for a WD External HDD wireless that is on sale on Ebay for 120.00. Surely this can not be true.

The more I look at this the more confusing it becomes. What is the best way to use these sites, not all the suppliers can be con artists or rip off merchants. How do you sort them out. Can you trust the accreditation that Alibaba etc have given the suppliers.

Some help would be appreciated