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      Best Answers for Common Wholesale Supplier Questions

      Successful businesses work with two essentials, customers and products, to make their mark. Business owners new to the trade often have unrealistic images of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. They are experienced business owners doing business and a job just like you. Owners buy products for resale through one of the four networks: direct purchase from the manufacturer, from a wholesaler, from a distributor, or from a supplier.

      Wholesale suppliers and manufacturers routinely take care of all the logistics, merchandising, and billing included. While, on the other hand, distributors sell in lower quantities by buying the goods from a wholesaler. Distributors often turn out to be region-based providers. A distributor often plays the role of customer relationship representative between a manufacturer and a business. His or her role is to suggest means to improve sales, display the products, and answer any questions related to the product.

      Here is a list of the best common wholesale supplier questions asked by business owners:

      1. Why Will Wholesale Suppliers Work With My Home-based Online Business?

      It helps to understand how wholesalers work. Most wholesale suppliers are bulky businesses looking to network and resell with big box stores. Wholesalers work on relatively smaller profit margins. They sell by volume and need to reach out and consistently sell a lot of products in order to stay in business and make profits.

      It is a fact that most wholesale suppliers prefer not to work with small, home-based businesses. You need to convince a wholesale supplier. Like any good business, they need to know that working with you will be a worthwhile decision. Because they spend resources in the form of administrative time setting up an account with you, they will want to be sure that they are not wasting time.

      2. What Do I Approach a Wholesale Supplier With?

      First things first, you must have a legal business in form of sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. Procure your papers and licenses before approaching a wholesale supplier. Depending upon your state, you may also require a sales tax ID. Wholesalers will charge you sales tax when they sell at wholesale rates.

      As a requirement, wholesalers need to keep the legal tax IDs of their customers on file at all times. This is to prove that they are selling to retailers and businesses licensed to collect sales tax. Before contacting a wholesaler, be sure to get your business licence and sales tax ID.

      The web is packed with thousands of scam operators calling themselves wholesalers on search engines. These fake wholesalers want to get in between you and the real wholesaler and hike up the prices, cutting down your profit margin. It is important to stay away from these people at all costs. They carry a potential danger in preventing you from building a profitable venture.

      3. How Do I Convince a Wholesale Supplier That My Business Is Worthwhile?

      Good homework will help you in convincing wholesale suppliers. Visit and carefully go through the wholesaler’s website before contacting them. Most of your common questions will be answered on the website itself. This preparatory step will ensure that you are well informed about the products and company details. Keep in mind to always use your business name when you call the wholesale supplier.

      Wholesale suppliers are used to getting fake calls from window shoppers who have nothing to do with business. Clearly mention your company name and tell the wholesale supplier that you are interested in selling their products online. Do not mislead the supplier or use pricey language. Get them to ask you questions before giving them the facts. Be ready for denials and rejections, for as company policy, some suppliers just can’t work with you. Thank them for the time and call the next supplier on list.

      4. How Do I Acquire Pictures and Descriptions of a Wholesaler’s Products for My Online Business?

      Wholesalers willing to work with online businesses should have images and product descriptions available for you in some kind of electronic form. Get the links to pages on their websites, or request an e-mail with relevant links. Use the images and descriptions on your online store for product details.

      5. How Does Dropshipping Work?

      Dropshipping is the cheapest way to initiate a small online business aimed at saving capital without the business owner having to buy products from a wholesaler first. If dropshipping is your model, make sure you contact wholesalers willing to dropship orders to customers’ addresses directly. All you need to do is display the product image and description on your site, blog or, auctions, then sell and collect the customers’ money for the products. You then give the shipping address to your dropship wholesaler for delivery. The wholesale dropshipper then charges your debit or credit card for the wholesale cost of the product plus shipping.

      Dropshipping is a great way to get started and a good means to research product markets economically. Use dropshipping to learn about your specific business area and markets and to figure out which products sell best. Use the knowledge and profits from sales to start buying top-selling wholesale products in bulk. Remember, businesses purchasing in volume get heavy discounts and save on per-product cost, increasing the profit margin.
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