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    1. Justin85 is offline

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      Jun 2010
      United States
      United States
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      American Jigsaw Puzzle Wholesalers - USA Suppliers of Puzzles

      Does anyone know USA wholesalers for jigsaw puzzles?
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      V-CUBE (06 Jul 2015)

    3. DropshipDiva is offline

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      Jun 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Yes, there are a couple of jigsaw wholesalers that I have dealt with. I also know of a manufacturer you can contact and inquire about becoming a distributor for them,

      NMR Distributors is an American wholesale company. They are suppliers to specialty retailers of licensed youth oriented products. They ship from Valley Village, California and they have a $150 minimum order amount. You can also inquire about opening a credit account with them.

      SunsOut is another wholesaler of puzzles who you might want to contact. They have a lot of cool puzzles. You need to sign up for a free account with them before you can get price quotes. But they have hundreds of jigsaw puzzles to choose from and from what I know the prices are very good.

      Here are two manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles in the US that you might contact.

      Great American Puzzle Factory is in Indianapolis, IN. They make all sorts of puzzles and even some 3D ones and Alex Beard impossible puzzles that are pretty amazing.

      Channel Craft makes authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles out of Charleroi Pennsylvania. They have an interesting history starting as a one man operation back in 1983 all the way to a very large company. They offer a lot of puzzles in the patriotic category.
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      V-CUBE (06 Jul 2015)

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