I know you’ve seen all the new design trends or styles out in the land of Internet. A bunch of designers prefer one theme, style, or whatever you want to call it and teach themselves everything about it and slap their own brand on it.

On the other hand, there’ll be some who just jump from design trend to design trend to stay relevant in the evolution of the industry, which is undeniably, a smart move for many designers out there. Minimalism is becoming the norm in the web design universe, and because of it, I’m writing this post to let everybody know what’s working and evolving.

What the heck is minimalism?

Minimalism is just a way of designing your website or life based on the current trends of technology and the content at hand. The design process steers away from heavy JavaScript and other spammy images, favicons, and even the entire layout or grid.

The thing to keep in mind is to design as gracefully as possible. For example, it can include a design with a clean illustration that lightly blends into the background with the help of only a little bit of JavaScript. And it includes a blending of colors and properly placed content throughout the layout, and you end up with a pretty good start.

Small business needs it

As a freelance designer, you’ll find a bunch of small to medium sized business in need for great designers to help them brand their online image. However, when you take a job, you’ll see they only want a couple of pages designed. Instead of going the minimalist way, you should just create a new site around their existing stuff.

Often, your design skills are too much for humble companies who offer little to the online world and they’e more than happy with the work done as they expected it to look amateurish. Therefore, when you’re working on a couple of pages, the smart thing to do is to create a minimalist design that not only embraces their humbleness, but they’re business philosophy of being lean and lightweight. Finishing a site like this will leave these humble businesses more than happy and thrilled.

To bring to a close, minimalism is a style to embrace to the high demand of small business as more and more people grow to need them. People and small business need websites but they don’t need something extravagant either. A lot of designers prefer to work with content filled sites despite the demand of small business needing only a few pages.

Therefore, the competition in such a market isn’t that great. Moreover, by mastering minimalism, you can increase your income by exceeding the expectations of small business owner. Now you’ve found your niche!