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    1. Bluewonder is offline

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      United States
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      The Importance of Using the Right Shopping Cart Software

      Online businesses heavily rely on the efficacy of shopping cart software. It allows businesses to list products on a website and collect money when a customer buys goods. If you have an online business, you will need shopping cart software, a business bank account, a payment gateway, and a service that allows you to automatically process credit cards from your website.

      Once you have the shopping cart software set up on your website, you can add specific products using a web browser. The shopping cart software will facilitate you with the ease of adding product images, descriptions, prices, shipping, and other details. Once your shopping cart is filled with all of the products you want, you can display them on your site and start selling.

      How the Shopping Cart Works

      A customer visits your site and adds products to his or her shopping cart. When the customer buys goods or items, he or she enters shipping and credit card information in a form so you get the details of where to ship the product and whom to charge it to. When the customer submits the order, the shopping cart uses your payment gateway to validate the credit card and transfers money from the customer's credit card to your bank account.

      The Best Shopping Cart for Your Business

      The market is laden with free shopping carts like OSCommerce and ZenCart, which offer the most agreeable features, such as unlimited products, links to the prime payment gateways, credit card payment facility, real-time shipping prices, discount customer sets, multilanguage facility, and other features. But, you should be wary. Free products usually lack good documentation and support systems.

      Shopping cart software uses two basic models:

      • One-time payment for web server installation: This model requires you to work with Linux web servers. You don’t need to pay monthly charges, and the software is customizable, compared to leased shopping carts. If you have a designer or skilled software engineer, this method may be more economical than leasing.

      • Monthly rental: Aimed at ease of use, this model does not require you to install, configure, or maintain any software. You can get started without little web experience.

      Features to Look for in a Shopping Cart

      Shopping carts are equipped with standard features. Features such as unrestricted categories and product list, web-based administration, user-friendly product creation tools, and shipping fee calculators are more common. You may need to look out for any specific features you need for your online business.

      The following is a list of features to look for in a shopping cart:

      • User-friendly interface: A handy web interface allows you to administer your shopping cart from any web browser connected to the Internet.
      • Language: The shopping cart software should have the ability to display multiple languages in your shopping cart for international customers.
      • Template-based design: A template-based design makes it easier to customize how your website looks.
      • Support: Most carts usually provide e-mail or forum-based support, but some offer live phone support. Try to have a good support system to ensure availability of help when you need it.
      • Reporting: To have detailed reports about sales, inventory, status, users, categories, products, zones, taxes, shipping rates, orders, or membership levels are important features.
      • Upgradable: You can get cart software that can be updated for the latest version with more features. Normally, software allows free updates for up to a year.
      • Editor for products: The WYSIWYG editing tool allows you to enter product text and images using a word editor.
      • Content pages: It is important to have content-rich pages. Make sure that your cart allows you to create content pages.
      • Mini-Cart: A mini-cart appears like a small box demonstrating if the user has items in his or her shopping cart. Usually located at the top or side of the page, most carts come equipped with this feature.

      Consider customer-oriented features like a newsletter, order history, product search, wish list, membership plan and registration, recommend a friend, multiple shipping addresses, printable invoices, and more. Your specific business requirements should help you decide on the list of desired features and product line.
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    2. ancientwisdomdropship is offline

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      We highly reccomend Magento as a Ecommerce solution, we have our own Web Development team and when building websites for new customers who wish to sell our products online we always use Magento Commerce. This is a very powerful system with awesome SEO capabilities when developed correctly, we run our own website on this platform. We are supported by Magento Specialists 2Jdesign.co.uk and have to say when Magento sites are built by experienced designers / developers it really is a awesome system.
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