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      A Guide to Building Your Website The Right Way

      As you go through the process of creating your website (or paying someone to create one for you), there are certain things you have to be aware of. Stuff you wouldnít even think about. For the lay person who needs a simple website for their business, they are focusing on only one area Ė sales. Nowadays, they will say that you need big showy logos, or the played out textures, but itís the responsibility of the experienced designer to decide whatís best for their clients.

      Here are some guidelines to help you move you in the direction of proper web design. Make a cup of coffee, read, take notes, read again and print this page to read some more offline. It will turn your website into a success or complete failure. And donít forget to include your own tips if I forget to list something important. We at WholesaleForum love to hear your opinions and quips on the articles we post Ė after all, without you there wouldnít be a WholesaleForum.com.

      Make it visually pleasing
      The world judges a book by its cover, thatís the truth right there. The very first thing people will see is the design you used for your site. That impression better be out of this world. Use a texture that emphasize depth and brings in the viewers attention to the beauty of your site.

      Words count
      Keep them clear, concise and to the point. If you have a hard time writing something that brings in more people, pay someone to do it. Writing is just as important as the completed design of the site youíre working on. Say the right things for calls to action, titles, navigation bars, etc. Your writing can make or break your design.

      Keep it structured
      In recent times I have seen an increase in layouts and css designs. The greatest being 960.gs and one of the better, more efficient are designs like the 1kb grid. Try to follow their design and balance if youíre a media outlet, these designs will smooth out information in a pleasing and simple format.

      Stick to whatís important
      Are you designing a site for business that sells one product? If you are, make sure their homepage reflects it. Give yourself some room to work in calls to action for their product. If youíre creating a blog that focuses on free giveaways or updates, make sure theyíre the center of attention. A site like WOO Themes is a perfect example of what Iím talking about.

      Shorten load times
      If there has to be one important thought to remember itís this, readers are impatient. You have to build a site that allows your page to load in less than a second. You can accomplish this by making sure your files are compressed, take advantage of Google hosted javascript and make sure your site is coded with fast load times in mind.

      Use a suitable color scheme
      It helps to know what the visitors feelings will be so you can use the right colors to bring it out even more. Itís pretty obvious that a blinding and noisy color scheme isnít the way to go for a site that is new agey. If you pay attention to the punk band sites they all have CMYK color schemes, while a professional site usually stays with a smoother, more elegant color scheme.

      Make it an easy read
      Readers wonít spend hours clicking to see what your site is about and what you have to offer. A quick way to get the information out there is to make your pages easy to read. Use the correct H tags to centralize the important topics.

      This is a universal principle that also applies to sign up forms with more than 3 text boxes (username, email, DOB, instant messenger names, etc.) have a lower chance of registered users. Everyone hates registering for anything Ė so donít push the boundaries. Keep is as smooth as possible for your visitors by making it easy for a 2 year old to sign up. It will help you get things going where they need to be.

      Navigation must be smooth
      If you have to design a sign up page for your website, try to have your navigation bar in a light blue color, while the sign up button is something louder. Regardless, the thing is to make your navigation quick to spot and simple to use.

      Beneath this post is a reply box. I would love it if you used it and let me know what you think about what I have to say. We will respond to any of your questions, because, letís be honest here Ė youíre the reason we continue to improve WholesaleForum.
      Want To Be An eBay Powerseller?
      This is the Service You Need.

    2. Thank you for this post:

      vanessa.pain (11 Nov 2010)

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