Minimalism is a term thatís thrown around in many different ways like a redheaded stepchild. Whether itís used to describe a lifestyle or a genre of art, hearing someone say X is ďminimalisticĒ can be perceived on so many different levels.

In web design, minimalism has begun to stake its place among designers who are looking to deliver important content in a certain way. Just like any other trend or fad in the web design universe, minimalism can be expressed in the wrong way.

What is minimalism anyway?
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Itís fairly easy to believe that minimal web design is seen as something that doesnít take as much time or energy to create. In any case, conveying an aura of simplicity and elegance is the point of a minimal design.

However, believing that it takes less work is farther from the truth. Minimalistic designs are stripped of any excess weight and baggage in order to convey a modest and concise message to the visitor.

Minimalism is a mindset
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If you want to properly express minimalism in your site, you have to center your focus on what needs to be established. Being able to send a succinct message to your audience is the heart of its design.

Communicating a wide range of information while trying to stick to the minimal style usually ends up in a horrible design that doesnít feel right, so before you take the plunge into the routine of your design process, have a plan at the ready and slowly narrow it along the way.

Relax and dig deep into what your site is all about. Many sites donít have the luxury of time to focus on their core mission and if your project happens to be in one of those situations, a different design method is your best bet.

If youíre still thinking about it, the next phase is to consider what kind of information is vital to your design and place them in order of significance.

Youíre going to be amazed at how little you really need to get your point across to the visitor.

The art of simplicity
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Designers are hailed for their ability to create wonderful works of art. Starting from a blank piece of paper or canvas, they chip away at their masterpieces Ė usually without a foundation to work off of.

Because of these finely tuned skills, the method of stripping things away from a design can be challenging for the less experienced connoisseur.

Designers live to spark visual stimulation wherever they go, which means they knock heads with their minimalist counterparts.

Sometimes the way to go about it is to design a complete site Ė and once everything is in place, start to strip away the stuff that doesnít serve any need. Yes, this can be an emotional and time-consuming process, but if you get it right, the outcome will astound you.

Keep it color smart
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The majority of minimal designs are usually black and white, but that isnít something thatís mandatory.
Minimalism isnít about a lack of color, instead it demands an intelligence use of it.

With that said, when youíre working with colors, black and white is usually favored by most. The reason for this is that it leaves the option open to use accented colors, lettings designers to change their work to match a particular brand image.

Working with a unique range of colors is just as good. The point is to not to just stick with a particular shade, but instead, how you go about using it in your design process.

In your typical minimal design, a flowing color sets the feeling and tone of a site while using accented colors grabs the visitorís attention and centers on certain features. A parsimoniously used accented color is the perfect way to go about it and it must not draw the visitorís eye to just one piece of information at a time.

The colors used throughout a minimal design are a major factor in the overall feel of what a site is trying to convey. Ranging from your smooth and chic black and white designs to energetic and valiant colors across the board, minimalistic design is not prejudice to any style.