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    1. MCkenzie is offline

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      Aug 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Surgical Equipment Trade Suppliers - Wholesale Distributors of Medical Supplies


      Does anyone know any wholesale suppliers of surgical equipment?

      Many thanks.
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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      Hi MCkenzie,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      Have a look at the following UK suppliers of surgical equipment:
      • Become a Distributor | Armstrong Medical is a manufacturer of surgical, respiratory and anesthesia products. Their surgical products' range includes laparoscopic instruments, operating theatre essentials and orthopaedic accesssories.
      • Surtex Instruments Ltd | Become a Distribtor sells a wide range of general surgical, orthopaedic, skin grafting, dermatology, podiatry, diagonistic, anesthesia, neurosurgery, dental extraction and orthodontic instruments to name a few. Their range of general surgical instruments includes scalpels, scissors, knives, forceps, retractors, artery forceps, sponge forceps, probes and spatulas to name a few.
      To find the best verified UK and global wholesale suppliers of surgical equipment, we recommend using the three largest online trade directories of verified suppliers:All three list thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. Have a look at the following results:

      UK Suppliers of Surgical EquipmentEU and other International Suppliers of Surgical EquipmentSurgical equipment includes the machinery, instruments and tools used to perform surgical operations: surgical headlamps, anesthesia machines, electrosurgical units, warming cabinets, medical furniture, sterilisers, autoclaves, operating lights, defibrillators and surgical instruments. Some surgical instruments can be used in all types of surgeries, while some are designed for specific surgeries.

      Though there are hundreds of surgical instruments, some basic ones include scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors and scalpels. There is a wide variety of surgical scissors available to suit the requirements. They either have curved or straight blades. A type of surgical scissor called the Mayo scissor has a short blade for cutting through hard and thick tissues. Another type, called Metzenbaum scissors, have long blades for cutting delicate tissues.

      Forceps are essentially used to hold tissues and organs during a surgical procedure. The Rat Tooth, Adson, Allis and Babcock are the forcep types used for pinching organs and tissues to prevent them from slipping.

      Needle holders are used to hold and lock a surgical needle in place. Olsen-Hegar and Mayo-Hegar are types of needle holders with a locking feature. Olsen-Hegar also features a cutting blade.

      Retractors are used for holding organs and tissues away from the part where surgery is being performed. Senn, Hohman, Gelpi and Weitlaner are types of hand-held retractors.

      Scalpels are surgical knives. They can either be resusable or disposable.

      Some other surgical instruments comprise distractors, retractors, mechanical cutters like rasps, rongeurs, lancets, drill bits, rasps, trocars, specula, dilators, suction tubes and tips, probes and scobes like fiber optic endoscopes and tactile probes and measurement tools like callipers and rulers.

      Most of the surgical instruments are made of high quality stainless steel. Brass and copper plated with chromium and silver are used to make hollow tubes and malleable probes. They are also used in the hollow handles of retractors and scraping instruments called raspatories. Titanium, due to its light weight and non-reactiveness in human tissue, is used to make handles of high precision surgical tools. Apart from these, alloyed aluminum is also used to make surgical instruments like dilators and probes.

      Have a look at the following suppliers to stock their range of surgical equipment:To get more information on the latest trends and new developments in the surgical equipment industry, visit the following trade links:For more information on sourcing surgical equipment, see the following past discussions:To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers see:Hope this helps
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