Have you tried to sell your goods by using bundling promotions? If you did, we congratulate you that you have got hold of one of the most effective methods of reselling. If not, itís high time for you to catch on this technique.

Bundling promotion is used anywhere nowadays. Bundling promotion we be classified as tangible bundles and intangible bundles. The majority of merchants adopt the tangible bundle method. Tangible bundles refer to bundling of tightly related commodities.

The best ways to bundle commodities are:

(where A stands for major commodity, B stands for minor commodity, C stands for accessories with a much lower cost to the reseller compared to A&B)

Sell A+A at a price < the price of 2*A

Sell A+B at a price < A+B

Sell A+C at a price = price of A

Sell A+B+C < or = A+B

Intangible bundles refer to bundling of commodities with can be associated with one another, but are not immediately associated. For example, stores of gym equipment also sell weight loss pills. While the two genres are not immediately associated with one another, they are related and that intangible relationship can attribute value in the eye of the buyer when purchasing the two products as a bundle offer.

Of course, not all bundling promotions can take effect immediately. Cross-branding bundling promotion is not just hoking up brands, it needs consider the bundling commodityís features, value and relevance between commodities. For example, people are always cautious when they buy commercial housing and cars because they are of high-grade value. It will not take perfect effect by common bundling promotion. However, the promotion of winning Coco Colaís prize of Lenovo computers can be popular though peopleís psychological speculation. Itís certain that people will not consider low-price commodities like Coco Cola and Pringles as cautious as the commercial housing and cars. Consumers can accept the bundling promotion when you focus on the affective factors.

„ÄÄ„ÄÄIf merchants can take advantage of bundling promotion well, you will get surprising effection.