I really love this site, I have made it my bible! I would love your help on how to start. I am a young aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to learn! So this whole business is extremely new to me and need advice from you all. I am working with a small initial investment so I can grow capital and learn more. With that being said, which route should I go? I know that eSources, Wholesaledeals, and Worldwide Brands are the 3 best sources for verified suppliers, however which should I use to start? I would like to use a small investment, possibly dropshipping would be my route? I would also love to sell on Amazon as it is the best market place as my investment is little so I need my buyers to be right in front of me. I have a great desire to learn and a great marketing back ground.

I have ideas for some niche products but first of all I need some help.
Thanks in advance!