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      Things You Should Spend Money On When Starting a Business

      Thereís no point in arguing against the timeless saying ďcash flow is kingĒ for small businesses. But in the developing stages in your companyís life, money will always feel like itís already spent before you get a hold of it. So before you start rolling in the bundles of money, it is critical that emerging businesses spend with extreme care.

      Although this may imply a do-it-yourself outlook for the time being, a little creativity when it comes to phone service, utilities - barrels full of trash and a lighter instead of a thermostat... you donít have to take it that far, but you get the point- there are quite a few things you can do to ease your spending. In fact, the money you spend now will pay immense dividends in the future, provided they are intended for the necessary areas.

      Think about these following tips that are definitely a must for any small business:

      Office Chairs

      Name:  harmanpg.jpg
Views: 490
Size:  20.2 KB

      Itís going to take an intense desire and plenty of hours to build a company from the ground up. I can safely say that you wouldnít want to be sitting on tiny, ugly milk crates that form the image of kindergarten. Itís OK to spend your hard-earned money on a relaxing, multifunctional chair with padding that perfectly aligns your spinal column. Youíll be more willing to have a seat at your desk and clack away at the keyboard. The same goes for your employees.

      Information Security

      Name:  51DghVFbLuL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  20.4 KB

      You probably bought a couple of computer systems, printers, and plenty of other miscellaneous peripherals, so you try to save as much as you can by using free adware/spyware programs. Donít fall for that mental trick. When you pay for leading security programs you will have peace of mind from the threat of identity theft, stolen files, and everything will remain operational. On top of that, the money you spent on that will last throughout the life of your business and you are less likely to experience that moment when you lost months of hard work.

      In the majority of cases, your site creates a lasting first impression in the visitorís mind. You want to make sure that impression is substantial, appealing and stylish. So donít go with the cheap stuff with a bland site building program, and take the right steps to guarantee your site reflects what the business is truly about. And never forget to optimize your site with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. More than half of your clicks will come directly from Google, so do whatever it takes to get your URL on first page. Donít worry about the cost, it will always be cheaper than a full-scale marketing campaign.

      Break Rooms

      Name:  coffee.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  12.0 KBName:  food.jpg
Views: 366
Size:  18.3 KBName:  cooler.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  11.0 KB

      One thing that brings down employee morale is a bland workplace. Go ahead and spend some money on a pleasing break room. Be sure to include a tricked-out coffee machine, snacks, and small choice of energy drinks. Employees love bragging about their job perks, and food is up there on that list. If you include only a few extra perks, your company will be that one place everybody wants to work at. And keep this in mind, love is contagious.

      Energy Star Appliances
      I know how cheap those prices are for old-school appliances, but youíll be better off in the long run buying energy efficient appliances. Not only will you save more throughout the life of your business, you now have the option of placing a LEED Certification on your business that could bring in the green-minded individual through your doors.

      Be sure you take a careful look at your numbers, that way you are more prepared before customers show up at your door. Itís perfectly normal to splurge on things that will save you more inn the long run, increases work output, and keeps your employees happy.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      oyaye (13 Oct 2010)

    3. carly is offline

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      Aug 2010
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      Excellent post and kind of goes along with the whole you have to spend money to make money saying. The nicer office chairs may cost a little more but your employees are making you money the longer they sit in them!
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    4. Eddieks is offline

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      Nov 2010
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      United Kingdom
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      Where in UK can i get SMA powder milk in bulk???
      Many thx

    5. Bamboozled is offline

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      Nov 2010
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      United Kingdom
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      Great post. To make money you have to invest and I am finding investing in Marketing particularly online is becoming more and more worth my while.

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