Hi there,

I am currently working part-time in a companyís accounts department. I am looking to become a sole trader reselling childrenís items brought through wholesalers on the side; I don't want to quit my job. I currently get child benefit and some tax credits to top up my not so amazing wages.

I have no idea where to begin right now. I have found a few wholesalers that I am interested in and have opened a normal account (not on credit). At first I shall be selling on eBay/Amazon/Facebook, until I have built up some revenue and then I will invest in a decent website.

I would like to do everything properly. When do I need to tell HMRC? I havenít actually done anything yet. Do I tell them before I have even brought any items or listed on eBay? Are there any costs involved in becoming a sole trader?

Can anyone help me please?

Greatly appreciated.