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    1. OnlineHound is offline

      Join Date
      Mar 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      3 Times in 2 Posts

      Starting up a Gift / Souvenir Shop

      Iíve been planning to make the move from purely online, drop shipping commerce to brick-and-mortar. Home is a small village in the north with a lot of holiday through-traffic, but thereís nothing in the way of gift shops. Thereís some loving scenery up here, and travelers do often stop to have a look around, but thereís not much for them to purchase outside the odd cuppa. I need to know what kind of licensing I need in UK to open a gift shop. Also, what sort of location should I look for, budget should I be concerned with? One last thing-- anyone know a good general supplier for gift shop-type kitsch?
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    2. Sell_It_3289 is offline

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      Dec 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      2 Times in 2 Posts
      Seems like a good call, mate. I’ve yet to see a gift shop didn’t do a good bit of custom, and your location sounds ideal. Did a quick search, and I haven’t seen anything in the way of licensing for gift shops outside a basic retail license and permits to display adverts outside or in the public space, so you should be good on that. Just hop down the village council and you should get sorted.

      As to location, I would say you want visible frontage on the main thoroughfare, preferably close to that tea stand. That’s likely going to set you back a few quid, but if you don’t get a solid location all the planning and good wishes and budgeting isn’t going to do you any good. I wouldn’t worry about anything too big, since most gift shops tend toward the “quaint” template, but really location should be what you’re most concerned with, since quaint is mostly in the trimmings.

      As to budget, you’ll want to work rent in with regular license fees, taxes, and inventory estimates. Are you planning to hire employees? You’ll need that to be in there as well. I’d recommend having at least three (closer to five) months worth of operating costs in addition to your start-up moneys if you want to survive at all.

      With suppliers, I dunno. Have a go at your current suppliers, see if they can do gift shop type items.
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    3. moorejoseph is offline

      Join Date
      Nov 2010
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      3 Times in 3 Posts
      Have a go at Puckator. They concentrate in gifts and kitschy items, and they’ve been in the business for over twenty years. Contact their sales team here:

      Tel: 0870 2401981

      Mobile: 07989 605549

      Fax: 07092 006288

      Email web-sales@puckator.co.uk

      They ought to be able to help you get started with inventory and the like.

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