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      Starting Up in a Down Economy - Best Businesses to Start in a Recession

      Traditional ideas say that starting a new business in a recession is a bad idea. But we’re seeing that some industries are rising, in spite of the wobbly economy. Here are some of the greatest ideas to start your own business right now. Most can be run from your own home or backyard, and they don’t need considerable amounts of resources or capital. All it takes is wits and some hard work.


      “Green” has become the thing in e-commerce for the past couple of years. There’s nothing more green than being a farmer. Farming has grown in recent years as well. More and more stores are stocking local foods to promote a sense of local support. There has been a trend to buy local, with major chains selling “locally grown” products in highlighted sections. Farmer’s markets are pretty popular too, with over 5,000 in the US, and growing. There is opportunity to be a farmer, with many options for specialty crops matched with low startup costs.

      Food Producer

      Next to being a farmer, the food production industry is lighting up. Usually these people use a model to maintain an ongoing revenue stream, offering weekly scheduled deliveries of food and sustaining a solid client base. This model is great at sustaining a helpful revenue stream instead of depending on growing sales.


      Bakeries, bagel, and pastry shops have sprung up at a steady rate. People aren’t buying big ticket products and instead buying lower-priced wants. Small, niche stores will always continue to grow in a time like this.

      Handmade Goods

      Now that the Internet has made everything so easily accessible, it’s gives people the chance to create and sell products online. Sites like eBay and Etsy have created a marketplace to buy and sell all types of goods. Just sign up for a PayPal account (free) to receive money, and you’re good to go. The thing about selling handmade gods is that it takes very little to start. If you have a passion that you’d want to turn into a profitable adventure, selling handmade products is a simple way to go about it.

      Pet Sitting

      When it comes to pets, people spend generously. This explains why pet sitting has grown tremendously. Instead of owners leaving their pets in a cage, pet sitters take care of, and provide friendship while the owner is away at work.

      Sustainability Consulting

      Because “green” has become so hot among consumers, it’s only normal for companies to make their products and services meet the environmentally friendly trend. Showing these people how to make their business more environmentally friendly in the next couple of years is going to be a big thing.

      Independent Video Games

      It’s even easier to self-publish any video game with Xbox Live. Microsoft has even opened up a development platform for all types to create games to sell. Or you could take a jab at the iTunes App store to create using their mobile development platform. There are plenty of opportunities and a low bar of entry for game developers to become a part of the mobile platform world. You don't need programming knowledge, just a good idea and the ability to write a project brief to pass to your programmers (try Elance.com to hire expert programmers in any field).

      Mobile Design and Development

      The mobile industry is growing at unheard of speeds. The smartphone market has blown up, and with the introduction of the iPad, mobile usage for websites is going to keep things heading up. This is an open door for web designers and programmers to take advantage of a growing industry, and there are tons of opportunities to create things like custom web applications, mobile sites, and so on.

      There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a profitable business in slow times. With recent trends focusing on buying local, stuff like niche shops are becoming a trend. You don't want to miss out on this one, folks!
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      This is the Service You Need.

    2. SallyA is offline

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      I'm surprised to see handmade goods on this list, but happily so. I thought in a bad economy, they would be one of the first things that would be poor choices to sell. Since I enjoy crafting and want to sell on ebay or other online auction sites, this is very good news for me. Does anyone know if certain types of handmade items are selling better than others or anything else that would be helpful, like price ranges that are selling good?
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