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    1. jason010 is offline

      Join Date
      Nov 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Starting a New eBay Store & possibly more......looking for pointers

      First let me say this, this forum is absolutely amazing. I have found a ton of great information that I otherwise would have never found, without spending money on a bunch of worthless books. I am looking to start my own eBay store and also possibly an independent internet store site. I may also set up a store in my local mall if I can get some products quick enough.

      I have already done a ton of research. And I will be doing more throughout this week and next. I love buying and selling stuff. I have been doing it on Craigslist and eBay for a long time. Even though it has just been things from my house and things that belong to my family. Anytime, they want something sold they bring it to me. I think it is fun. Anyway, yesterday I stumbled into a link posted on this website and now I am extremely excited. Before that I was stuck because I joined a "free" site on the web. It promised tons of wholesale products for great prices. I got excited, but remained careful too. I found lots of products that were really cheap. But after researching what they were selling for on eBay I quickly found out that instead of wholesale they were just discounted. Absolutely no room for a profit margin.

      The link I stumbled across is World Wide Brands. Chris Malta has a few eBooks posted there and I read all of them. I was up until 3:30 a.m last night. I couldn't quit reading the darn things. I am going to get a Tax I.D. this week. I am also going to come up with a business name too. I have also decided to partner up with my sister on this. I am providing most of the start-up capital, but that isn't why I need a partner. I want to be able to service customers as much as possible. If an order comes through and I am not around to ship it, then I need a back-up. Also, she is a woman and I need her insight on products that women like. My wife can help with this too. You may be asking why I am not making her my partner. Well, she already is my partner, but we have a baby, jobs, & other obligations too. So bringing in another partner is very viable. Plus most products sold cater to women, they are the shoppers in the family. I want to diversify as much as possible.

      I think I am in a great position to start up this retail business. My mother owns her own tax and book keeping business and she's certified through the I.R.S. My sister already owns a business, although it is lawn care. She is still experienced in selling a service and satisfying customers. I also have a bachelor's degree in advertising and communication studies. Plus, BofA just offered me a business account the other day. So it's all there, I just need to act on it.

      Once my business partner gets here today we'll start getting the ball rolling. I will be joing World Wide Brands and getting my business legal, so I can set up deals with wholesalers and dropshippers. I will start out with smaller and less complex products until I gain a foot hold. I want to stay away from electronics until I gain experience. The last thing I need is to sell a bunch of non-working electronics and ruin my reputation with customers before I even get a chance to start. In my degree I learned that customer loyalty and branding mean everything to a business. That's what I want to create. If I can accomplish that, I will be successful.

      I do have a couple questions, and they may seem stupid because I think I already know the answers. But I am still a newbie and I want to cover all the bases, so to speak. Are there plenty of dropshippers and wholesalers in the United States? I want to try to avoid buying and importing product. From what I know, if you can avoid transporting product across international borders it will eliminate additional headaches. If I do buy from wholsalers and dropshippers within the United States, will my profit margin be as good? If I use a dropshipper in the United States it should also cut down on shipping time to the customer, right? Cutting down customer wait times is paramount to me. I want to get product to them, FAST.

      So, anyone got some pointers? I know there are lots of experienced folks on this forum. So your advice will not be ignored.

      Jason W.
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    2. jason010 is offline

      Join Date
      Nov 2010
      United States
      United States
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      Well, got the business registration done and received a state tax I.D number. So, I officially own a business! I also have a list of wholesalers and dropshippers too. Along with that, I have a local contact for wholesale items. I have set up a PayPal business account too. Now, once the eBay store is up I can start listing items. I also purchased 13 Internet Domain names last night.

      Looks like I am good to go. This is a great forum for information, not so much for people who like to read long paragraphs and give advice though
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