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      Starting a New Business - Inspiration & Advice

      Are you thinking about starting your own business? Here's some advice from a guy who knows what it takes to get a business going.

      This December marks my one-year anniversary of starting my own business. As I think back on the previous year, I am shocked at what I've built, experienced, and learned. If you want to start your own thing for fun and profit, read on!

      I have always wanted to build a business around my life, talked to comrades about it, and thought how it might be. But it was after two people who inspired me to make it a reality instead of dreaming about it. First, my first boss said to me, when I was 16, about the thought of me saying, "I never wanted to work for someone else, I simply loved the idea of making it on my own." Several years later, I looked for a business coach to show me what steps to take. My coach saw a deep passion and helped me start a business. So I made the move from thinking to doing.

      The first couple of months I researched legal advice, registering the business name, opening a smooth banking system, establishing a line of credit, and buying insurance. Each thing was time consuming, but not impossible. The hard work was outlining my business and marketing plan. I talked to every professional person and the people at the Small Business Administration, and read constantly about marketing. The whole topic was a steep learning curve, because I was trying it along the way, but I always follow my business plans as a daily reminder to make it real. One of the most relaxing and amusing things of the first few months, for me, was collaborating with a designer to create an appealing logo, matching business cards, reading materials, and web site.

      I began to network - a trait that never ceased. There are many groups to become a part of. The thing is to discover which works in your favor. I ended up getting involved with more than enough businesses to bring in more business or help me learn about building my own business.

      One first thing I did for weeks was my pitch, which is answering the question, "What do you do for a living?" so the listener sees and is fascinated by your product or service. Now when others ask, I reply, "I help small businesses grow and become profitable. And I help people choose and build great careers."

      I also put in a lot of time to make sure my business performed like German engineering. I have protocols for sales calls, follow ups, presenting proposals, and looking at the results of the work I do.

      Furthermore, two bright students sent in an application, both of whom wanted to work alongside me as interns to learn what my business is all about and to show them how to excel in their careers. Having two lackeys allows me to spend time on management coaching and research, but their ideas and passion have paid dividends. Actually, my business slogan is the result of meeting with my interns to talk about my marketing plan.

      For me, the risk of starting my own business was money. I jumped from a steady paycheck to a bumpy ride of here and there payments. Before working for my business, I talked to my family about it and asked for their help to make it happen.

      The payoffs are enlightening. I believe in what I do. For every choice, I am the one that decides what to do. My outlook in life has set free my creative talents. And there is a new purpose in what I live for. My advice after your first year: If you love your business idea, buckle up and make it happen.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      Techari (04 Oct 2018)

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