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      Starting a Business Tips and Advice

      Starting a business is a big leap forward, and a sometimes cliff dive that forces you to cry or fly. I know you want to be in control of your own destiny. You want to think creatively, which your current place of employment forbids. You want to triple your income. You want to live a lifelong dream. Yet, even if youíve taken the necessary steps or intend to, youíre still thinking twice about it. You know of associates that have failed at a new business. You hear the stories of doom and gloom. Fear no more. Here are some insights to get you started on the right path.

      Family comes first
      Entrepreneurship will transform families, guaranteed. Your home office is the garage, and startup costs limit household expenses. From the start, let every relative know what youíre trying to do, why youíre doing it, and how it will involve them. Then sit back, listen, and respond accordingly to what they have to say. Thank their objections, which youíll need to keep you going. Talk openly about the changes before you implement them, and youíll gain respect from all.

      Network, network, network
      I believe the single most characteristic that all successful people share is the ability to build a network of clients. Mistakenly, during the first year, I attempted to do everything myself. The results were pathetic. Then I searched for advisors, who steered me down the right path, offering constructive criticism about my web adventures Ė almost every phase. They shared tactics, and even a few sources. I strongly advise you to join local associations, business groups, and think about starting your own thing.

      Time management
      Time is our most valuable commodity. Respect it, protect it, and use it cleverly. Politely decline your weekend buddy when she calls on a Tuesday.

      Other time-savers include:
      • Organize your office, so you can use things quickly.
      • Use contact management software, such as ACT, to track business.
      • Write down a to-do list, organized by priority.
      • Limit telephone calls and lunch breaks.
      • Outsource tedious work that others can do at a fair price.
      Get real
      To withstand grueling work hours, you must stay in good physical form. Jog regularly, eat healthy foods, sleep right, take stretch breaks, and schedule a yearly medical exam. Establish your own healthy routines. Stay with it for five days a week and youíll feel better, think better, and move better.

      Get unreal
      Remember to cherish the ideas that go beyond our physical world. Youíll need motivation, perseverance, courage, and dedication. A lot of entrepreneurs rely on leads that canít be seen or experienced. For me, I believe in an entity that hears my thoughts, sharing universal visions by way of unbelievable abstract thinking. Pick any activity that makes you feel inspired Ė running, meditation, reading, writing, or many others.

      Educate yourself
      Plenty of entrepreneurs donít have the time to handle administrative tasks. Most are single owners, home offices (SOHO). Then who will tackle the records, filings, and research? You do. So if you lack experience in various office programs or procedures, enroll in a local community college.

      Become the expert
      Will clients call back? Will meetings turn into business? They should when you show that you have what it takes. Smart entrepreneurs read religiously, go to seminars, interview leaders, and achieve accreditation. We never stop learning.

      Spend cautiously
      Colleagues will tell you that you have to attend a conference two states away. Think twice about the coast, and try a regional conference to cut corners, where you will learn a lot anyway. Spending cautiously will become a part of your mindset when you realize that an entrepreneurís income, usually, is cyclical. Donít let a couple of quarters turn you into a Rockefeller. Youíll soon experience a couple of months with less money Ė maybe even none. Save now for those dry times.

      Turn down turn downs
      Yeah, being turned down is a part of life, when your pitch was perfect, and your presentation spotless. How could they go for someone else? Well, the more you are turned down, the more you question yourself. Then your confidence really plummets. You must understand that losing doesnít mean you or your business are failures. For some reason, there wasnít a match for you or the company. Actually, the company gave you a tribute by having a meeting. This should be more than enough for you, your business, and your life. Think of being turned down as a lifelong sparing match for your next championship fight. Learn everything you can about every match, then go find the next contender to do battle with.
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