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    1. pdales is offline

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      Dec 2011
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      Start up drop shipping tablets & e-readers in Canada - Registering a business

      What steps will I need to take? Here is what I have so far.

      - Find a dropshipper
      - Obtain a business ID (How do I go about this?)
      - Set up an ebay store
      - Earning a Profit

      Am I missing any critical points here? Does anyone know how to get a business ID, does it involve registering with the government as a business? Also is there a way to find dropshippers without paying fees on sites like eSources?

      Any links to guides or anything would be great as well.

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      Hi Pdales,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      In Canada you need to register your business with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) as one of the following legal business entities:
      • A Sole proprietorship
      This is the easiest way to set up a business, because you will only need to register your business name in your province (except for Newfoundland and Labrador). Low start up cost and your profits will only be taxed as income.

      You will be personally liable for any debts your business runs into. That means that your personal belongings will be used to pay off debt.
      • A Partnership
      Easy to set up and any start up costs will be equally shared between you and your partner.

      Similarly to a sole proprietorship, there is no legal difference between you and your business so you and your partner will be personally liable. One of the biggest risks of a partnership is the development of conflict between you and your partner. Any business decisions need to be made together.
      • A Corporation
      Liability will be limited to your business assets because it is considered separate from the owners and shareholders.

      This is one of the most expensive ways of registering a business and there is a lot more paperwork involved in maintaining a corporation.

      For more information, advantages and disadvantages about these types of legal business entities have a look at: Forms of business organization | Starting a Business | Canada Business

      Your registered business will also require a Business Number (BN) which is used to streamline the way a business deals with the federal government. To get more information about the business number and to register your business online you should visit the following links from the CRA:For drop ship suppliers of tablets and e-readers have a look at the reply to your request in Dropshipping discussion:You could find drop ship suppliers through search engines, however beware that most drop shippers found in the first pages are middlemen, with a few con artists. They invest in aggressive SEO optimization to grab start ups that are unaware of the pitfalls. A middleman drop shipper is not even a real drop shipper, it's a middleman that lies between you and a real drop shipper, and takes money from you in the process, either through joining fees or inflated prices. To learn more about the risks of drop ship middlemen you should read the following thread:Because of the large amount of scammers and middlemen drop shippers easily found online, many sellers decide to sign up with the largest online trade directories of verified drop ship suppliers eSources and Worldwide Brands. Both list thousands of verified wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and drop ship suppliers. You can learn more about their benefits and read member testimonials from the following links:Hope this helps
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