Wanna know a secret? Well, I still use paper. Shocker, I know! I carry a note pad in my laptop bag every day. In the first half, I write my imaginary speeches. In the last half of it, I write my ideas and must-do lists. When things drag me down, I open my note pad like this one.

This is what I have to say about everything: Simplicity is the key to brilliance. (Bruce Lee)

Donít let the hype get in the way of the facts
People know me as a tech guru thatís way ahead of the times. Itís true to some extent. I didnít follow the marketing hype when the iPhone came out until the HTC Touch Pro 2 appeared out of nowhere. HTC - Products - HTC Touch Pro2 - Overview And then? I still waited a few months after the release date, because I knew it was an ďOMG PHONE,Ē itís going to lack in a couple of simple ways: establish connected calls. Yeah. I would lose a call at random times. Hey, it happens.

Often times, we get all worked up about the latest thing since the creation of fire. Meanwhile, we are trying our damn best to operate a business. So, as you can see, I try to keep things plain and simple. What Iím trying to say is that there are ways to go about doing things, and you donít have to spend every waking hour trying out every gadget and visiting the latest web site you hear about.

Keep it tech-friendly
Notepads do it for me. I can jot down ideas without people telling me to turn my laptop off. Also, when we write, our brains light up differently. Want to know another way to keep it simple? Try sending a note card once in a while. Itís pretty cool how people react to this type of gesture. But, we must agree that most of the time, modern technology is pretty handy.

There are times when you need something more high tech than pen and paper, letís remember that no matter what we choose it must be for the business. For example, if youíre debating the idea of blogging, go through the mirror, down the rabbit hole and ask yourself if itís something that will help people, and possibly convert them into buyers. The more you look at the things youíre doing right, the more you might see what you donít need to do at all.

Truth is simple, accepting it is not.
If you have one of the latest smartphones, youíll probably check it every minute, at times when it is really inappropriate. If you have a new 12.1MP camera, then everything looks like a good picture. You must remember what youíre all about, and ask yourself whether technology will add to the growth of your business or not. Use this as a guide. Try new things. Think about the future.
Study the principles and apply it to your business. Donít let the people bring you down. Itís going to take a while to implement new technologies. Relax; theyíll be here when you get it. And if takes longer, they were fads you didnít waste time on.

The business schools reward difficult complex behaviour more than simple behaviour, but simple behaviour is more effective.
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