Businesses employing 15 people or less are the leaders of the new age. It means that now is the perfect time to start your own small business-and keep it profitable.


Because you've been thinking about your own business. You are not the only one. Just the idea of being in business for yourself is as true as everlasting life or dreams beyond reality. It's a rare thought to at least consider the possibilities from time to time. (I'm not implying that the idea is unknown in many other cultures or nations. In reality, people of Australia and Taiwan have a higher interest in the subject than most people here in the good ol' U S of A.)

Many will set sail beyond the mist. From selling Avon to buying a Subway franchise, from guerilla marketing a new product/service to maintaining a coast to coast campaign, from buying out your boss to running your first chain of stores, you will join the millions of smart people who left behind good jobs while saving to become the boss.

What would motivate you to risk everything for your dream, your life, and your health? Why would you want to work 80 hour weeks for little to no income? Who are you to give up a safe, secure job for a shot at life in the passing lane? What is the point of it all, anyway?

Money? Maybe the running around after dollar after dollar and all that other jazz that goes along with it? Are we as human beings competing to become the next pack leader? Yes, and no. Many, if not all, who decide to start their own business know they will make more money than they would working for someone else. They are willing to accept minor inconveniences and a slight drop in income to place them in a high-income situation in the future. People driven by the idea also expect to make it substantially. But the possibility of mountains of cash is not appealing enough for most people to accept temporary sacrifices. If that were true, we would see more people driving on the road less traveled, speeding past red lights, car hopping, or speeding 24/7… just to start a business.

Financial independence comes a close second to money in motivating someone to become their own boss. This type of person will find it hard to work for others, or only wanting to run things their own way. People who see themselves being employed by others is about as exciting as a math journal. They will keep the dream alive despite of the sacrifice to self and/or family. They would love to run the business instead of being run by the business. You would be shocked at how many small businesses fit into this category. You would be taken aback by how many CPAs, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals who bring in less money in order to make it on their own. They know what it takes to run a business, that is, to give yourself a good name and make strides in that area. So the creative and motivated person sees that the only way of making it is to do it on their own.

Lawyers also fit into this group who wants to offer low-cost legal advice to a distinctive people who could not really afford a lawyer. Doctors, dentists, and other professionals are motivated by this practice. The list goes on and on for those who see small business as an outlet for people service.

Remarkably, this selfless act brings in greater financial rewards than the idea of starting a business for money, most likely after the time spent to make what the company produces. When the business owner is motivated by money, it's normal to see major changes in desire. When times are slow or too fast, those who have only money in their eyes lose interest. Those who serve the greater good will experience a stronger desire to keep on going.

Some out of a job usually see themselves being forced into self-employment. This is the result of being cut from the team due to a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or fluctuating economic conditions (such as company downsizing).

Having something to prove is a motivating factor. A father, sister, friend, or other significant other who is doing great in his own business, or talks about others success, could move you in the direction of trying. You see a small business as the only way of keeping up with the rest of the crowd. A child will feel the need to keep the family business going, or make it better than the previous generation. A few of the well-known businesspeople are very rich and very sad because their motivation comes from this belief.

Very rarely does a person who wants to live a self-employed life fit into one of these categories. More often than not, there is a combination of categories at work. For example, the drive for financial independence combined with the focus to use all the tactics is a powerful force. The point is, for whatever reason, only a certain percentage in our world will give it a shot to turn their thoughts into reality.