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    1. Harry_shipper's Avatar
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      Aug 2010
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      United States
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      Profitably Selling Refurbished ipods - Selling Reconditioned Portable Music Players

      I am thinking about selling refurbished ipods, was wondering if anyone has any tips for selling reconditioned ipods and portable music players?
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    2. Copythat is offline

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      Oct 2010
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      In my opinion there is definitely some market potential in selling refurbished ipods. You have to keep a few things in mind however.

      1) You will want to make sure the battery works when you refurbish it or you buy it from a wholesaler. Basically, Ipod batteries cannot be replaced by the user. Any Ipod that has had heavy use runs the risk of the battery not working and this could lead to some serious customer complaints. Try to make sure the Ipod is lightly used. A repair shop can replace them or have them replaced if you can tell that it has had a lot of use.

      2) On the flip side of making sure you supply good batteries. Be aware that sometimes buyers will try to scam you and say they received the Ipod but the battery was dead. You know that is not true but they have just switched out the battery and returned a dead one to you. Not much you can do but look for warning signs like people asking too much about your return policy or hinting about something like that.

      3) Severely scratched screens either do not sell well or they will get sent back by the customer. If it is an Ipod touch, scratches can be a big problem. The same is true if the customer is also watching a lot of video.

      4) The lower the memory capacity the lower the value. While you may be able to buy a 10Gb really inexpensively and provide a good deal to the customer, the demand may not be there because there are more current Ipods with say 160Gb of memory. The size of the memory available is a big factor for most customers.

      5) Offering extended warranties may add value. If the warranty has expired or is about to expire, you will likely sell more and at a better price if you can at least lead the customer to where they can buy an extended warranty if you can secure one for them.

      6) Be clear on all your specifics. Most customers are suspect of unofficial Ipod resellers. They are afraid they will not get what is being advertised. Be specific and clear about what you are advertising.

      7) Make sure the Ipods are tested extensively after their refurbishment. Some suppliers will get the Ipod tested by several people for quite some time just to make sure it will work well.

      8) If you are sourcing Ipods, make sure they are legitimate sources. There is a lot of faking and fraud with hot products like Ipods. Do your due diligence on your suppliers.
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