Lifelong dreams, such as running your own business, are usually pieced together bit by bit until one day you realize you are living it.

Each business venture or job I've worked has put me one step closer to my own dream. The first couple of businesses I started were not even in the same field of what I really wanted to do, which is to create multiple income streams. I understood right away that it's hard to get a job doing exactly that. It's even harder launching multiple businesses at once. So I took the initiative to study each business model individually. I became a jack of all trades. Close enough, right?

I really enjoyed it, and I knew more about everything. So I started working for a wide range of companies. I had pushed my limits working for a couple of businesses, and it was not as hard as I expected. So I started offering my services to several companies at once, getting to know a more and more as I went along.

Doing this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Like the numerous roles in business, it only looks good on paper. However, the schedule of getting everything in sync and operational was the best part. The action in the marketplace was exciting. Working my business certainly fulfilled my wish for a greater life.

It originally started as a one-person gig. I then hired outside help to design, edit, write, and produce my materials. The freedom was uplifting, even though I was not really free. When you are building your business you are serving the masses - prospects, clients, customers, family, friends, etc. But it was my lifelong dream, and by serving the masses I was making my dreams come true.

A year after my launch, my wish for action was met. My original dream started to tug at my mind. I hired freelancers to do the stuff I wanted to do, but I spent all my time working and managing it. I even ran face first into a brick wall of entrepreneurship. Thinking of an idea and rarely going anywhere with it once it's fully operational. My soul was not in it, nor was my personality. I got rid of the business and went back to basics.

Hard work sells better than dreams do, so I decided to become a freelance writer. The work of getting it going was pleasing than working with a large business, but no less difficult. It's always discouraging in the early days of any field. I decided to persevere despite countless setbacks. I always believed that sooner or later things would get better since I kept on fighting.

I typed my heart away, slowly establishing my home-based business. For a while, I would write anything for anyone at any price. Sluggishly, my skills improved. The most important quality I gained throughout my time was the ability to keep working towards my dream despite adversity - which was pitiful.

As time went on, I got rid of the humble clients and focused on high paying clients. The path was not smooth, but the payoff is worth it, a dream made real. I am not officially there yet, but I do get to relax every day and do what I love to do.

Dream as far as you can. Take the steps to make that dream a reality. For me, it took major leaps over the course of years. Each phase taking me closer to heaven. The time and dedication to achieve the unachievable makes it all worth it. If you keep doing what you know best despite unfavorable conditions, sooner or later, everything will head your way.