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      United Kingdom
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      I Want To Become An Online Arms Dealer - Legal Issues and Suppliers

      I'm an experienced drop shipper in bike parts and other electronic goods such as phones, laptops etc. I have been drop shipping these items for years.

      But is it possible to drop ship weapons in the US from my website in the UK? For example I advertise the guns on my website, buyers in the US will purchase and I'll just get my supplier to ship the items straight?

      I heard to import/export weapons you'll need to be a licensed weapons dealer but since I'm drop shipping I don't technically handle any weapons. I'll accept the order and forward it to a supplier who'll inspect the license of the buyer.

      There is a lot of money in the weapons industry - entering the market is very difficult and maybe it'll prove profitable.

      What do you think?
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      marian89 (28 Sep 2012)

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      Hi SGElimited,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      Yes this is possible, although you will need a permit to resell firearms. You will not be handling the firearms in terms of shipping, but will be part of the buying and reselling process, so you yourself will need to become registered as a reseller / trader of firearms. You can register using, for example, the following form from the Metropolitan Police website: Firearms reseller registration form. If you are not located in the London area then you should contact your local authority to get information on where and how you can register as a firearms dealer. Try using Local councils : Directgov - Directories to find you local office.

      Any US buyer of firearms from overseas will need to obtain an import permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or ATF before placing a bid on that firearm. A Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder can import a firearm for personal use, only a licence holder can apply for this ATF permit. Once the licence holders applications have been approved he can present them to the U.S. Customs Service and from that point he will be able to buy a firearm from a licensed reseller.

      If you are planning to sell firearms in the US then you need to know that there are also related items that can not be legally imported into the US like:

      - 'Armor piercing' ammo
      - High-capacity magazines
      - Assault weapons

      You should contact the ATF to get informed on all the items that can not be imported into the US.

      Other items which are not firearms, such as scopes, holsters, etc, can be imported into the US without any importation procedures, but just by filing a a standard US Customs form.

      Anyone selling firearms in the US from outside of the US needs to clearly state that the item resides from outside of the US, also make sure that you inform your buyers about everything they need to know to be able to buy your firearms from the UK and import them safely into the US. You can contact the ATF for more information about the forms that the buyer needs to fill out before he can buy your firearms, so that you can inform your buyers about this in each listing. Try contacting The Bureau of ATF, Imports Branch, Washington, DC 20226, (202) 927-8320 for more information about the forms your buyers need to fill out or visit: ATF Online - Forms - Firearms.

      To resolve the situation stated above you can try sourcing a US drop ship supplier of fire arms so that your buyers will have nothing to do with the importation of the firearms. This solution will also make for lower shipping times, costs and increasing your customers satisfaction.

      Since you are dealing directly with your customers and your drop ship supplier only ships the items to your customers on your behalf, you will be personally responsible for any issues that may arise. You need to contact your drop ship supplier to see to which extent he will take the responsibility for any problems that may arise with the firearms you are reselling. Read the drop shippers terms well.

      To limit your personal liability we recommend registering your business as a limited company so that only your businesses assets will be at risk when running into any issues.

      If you are a registered sole trader or limited company and you are a registered firearms dealer in the UK, then you only need to inform your US buyers well about all the forms they have to apply for, to be able to buy your fire arms.

      Remember that an auction website like eBay does not allow any weapons to be listed, so you will need to find a specialised auction website or your own website to be able to sell these from. A website that might be able to give you a even better understanding of selling guns in the US is this firearms auction website called: Guns - Online Gun Auction - Guns for Sale at GunBroker.com. You might even be able to list some of the item you want to sell on their website.

      Since there are not many drop ship suppliers of fire arms out there, it might be a good idea to start contacting other trade suppliers of firearms to propose the idea of drop / blind shipping on your behalf. Many suppliers are interested in this business solution to make an extra profit. Explain your idea to these suppliers and try to have them see the profitable possibilities. You need to sound like you know what you are talking about so try to get as much information about the subject as you can.

      If you want to find wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors to propose the idea of drop shipping to, and drop ship suppliers of firearms from the UK, US and worldwide, then we recommend using eSources, Wholesale Deals and Worldwide Brands. They are the web's largest trade directories listing only verified sources.

      Here are some results for you to evaluate:

      eSources - USA Drop shippers of Weapons and Guns
      - United States Weapons Dropshippers and Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers - American Weapons Wholesale Dropshipper & Dropshipping Directory
      - United States Guns Dropshippers and Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers - American Guns Wholesale Dropshipper & Dropshipping Directory

      eSources - UK Wholesale suppliers

      Weapons: UK Wholesale Weapons Suppliers

      Guns: UK Wholesale Guns Suppliers

      Firearms: UK Wholesale Firearms Suppliers

      eSources - US Wholesale suppliers

      Weapons: United States Wholesale Weapons Suppliers

      Guns: United States Wholesale Guns Suppliers

      Firearms: United States Wholesale Firearms Suppliers

      Hope this helps
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