The dream of working from home is very powerful when you're sitting inside a boring, gray cube, still agitated from your drudging commute.

You think of waking up and sauntering over to your computer in your cozy pajamas, not worrying if your hair resembles Albert Einstein, and jamming to your favorite band to no one’s innervation, whether your taste is Taking Back Sunday or EC Illa.

But for the home-based entrepreneur, if you don’t attend to some cardinal rules, it can make the situation tormenting and nonproductive.

So here are some tips to designing a home office that presents visual results and gives you the benefit of a compromising work style.

Family Roles/Responsibilities
It's comfortable for other family members to arrive at the assumption that because you're home, you'll be able to do the laundry, and get dinner going, and take care of errands during your workday. If you don’t specify boundaries, it's easy for bitterness to build on both sides. So plan a meeting with your family and specify a general list of family chores. Designate roles and responsibilities equally, just like you would if you were working at the office.

Family/Work Zones
If you bundle everything up in one spot in your home office, you're in all likelihood to spend a lot of your precious working time minding insignificant personal projects. So establish zones in your workspace to differentiate between work and relaxation.

Recognize Productivity Zones
Among the extraordinary benefits of working for yourself is planning a schedule that fits your genetic biorhythms, not the haphazard demands of a fixated work schedule. However, if you don’t keep an eye on it, you can carry out your day believing “I'll get going once I finish the laundry,” or “One episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not going to kill me!” and before you recognize it, the day will be lost.

Workk Environments Away From Home
There are moments when working from home can get very boring. You might want a different view besides the same, so find visually appealing places where you can get a boost of productivity from another environment. Great alternatives can include a hip caf, a coworking site or the library.

Coworking is a caf-like office space, available to all sorts of folks who work for themselves. Check out this video about coworking.

Specify No-work Times
Although it's easy to become distracted and unprofitable while working from home, it's even as easier to end up working day in and day out. Your health and relationships will suffer if you never take a break. So set a few limits around your time such as no cell calls or no work on weekends when you're with a significant other. How you set your time is entirely up to you. Just be sure that you don’t let work hemorrhage into every living moment, or you'll find your dream of work flexibility and freedom is more taxing than your time in the cubicle.