If you love working long hours or failing successfully if successful, then being an entrepreneur is for you. But if you feel intrigued or challenged, then continue to read on. After finishing this entire post, at least you’ll have a better idea of what it takes to succeed. You will also have a greater understanding of what it takes to design, build, and establish a business that grows without your supervision, and it could even make you rich beyond your detailed dreams. After all, if you’re going to jump off a cliff without chute, you may as well go big or go home.

The role of an entrepreneur
The key thing about being an entrepreneur starts before there is even a business or any employees. It begins at designing a business that grows, employs several people, and continues to add value to the world, is charitable, and no longer needs constant maintenance to operate. Before there is even an idea, an entrepreneur naturally thinks of business systems in their mind’s eye.

Failing makes you successful
How many times do you have to fail? I love failure. Losers will quit when they fail the first time. Winners fail until they finally succeed. This universe is filled with wannabe entrepreneurs. They waste time sitting behind a desk, brandishing important sounding titles of regional manager, and some even take home a pretty good paycheck. These wannabes dream of starting their own business one day and a few will. Yet most will never take the cliff dive. They will have excuses, complaints, or imaginary fears, such as “When my kids are finally out of the house.” Or, “When I go back to school.” Or, “When I save enough money.” But they never take the plunge.

What do you want to be?
There are different types of people and entrepreneurs. There are rich and poor, good and bad, local and international, and winners and losers. Entrepreneur will mean different things to different people.

An employee will always repeat the same thing over and over, whether they are the CEO or janitor of the company. You’ll always hear “I like safety and security.” In simple terms, they stay where they are out of fear that actually boxes them in. If they want to change, they will need the appropriate skills and technical capabilities, in many cases they must have the emotional fortitude to break through any difficulties.

A self-employed person will say, “If you want things the way you want it, do it yourself.” In other words, this person has a hard time trusting others to a better job than they can. Their lack of confidence keeps them in a little world, since it’s really hard to grow a successful business without any of it. If they do grow, they grow out of a partnership, which is a group of similar people working together to do the same job.

Business owners are always looking out for unique workers and valuable business systems. They don’t want to do the work. They just want to build a business that works. A business owner can run their business from any part of the world. A self-employed person is limited to a local region, a region they can control personally.

Build a successful business that has the ability to grow into a long-term asset. This is what it’s all about.