What is the fuel for your business? For most people, it's to enjoy their freedom and time to do whatever they want with their lives. However, running a profitable business can be very time consuming.

I want to start this post off with a simple question. What keeps you going? Or, maybe more precisely, what is the purpose of your life? Do you ever wonder about that idea as you go about your day? Or, does it only appear when you are about to go to sleep or when you drive through traffic?

The purpose of any business is to bring in a customer. I would also like to say that the main focal point of any business is to give the owner more freedom, more life.

Throughout all the business owners I have talked to, I have never had one give me that answer. The usual answer is to go into business with the idea of accomplishing something that meets their dreams, but thinking it, creating it, and maintaining it consumes life.

At some point this dream of freedom and lifestyle that you had in mind for your business becomes the complete opposite -- the nightmare you cannot wake up from. Do you realize that your business takes away life if you let it?

So, what should you do?

I believe the answer comes down to two very important things - focus and connection with life.
Focus centers around a discovery, or at least an epiphany, of what you want to do with your life. The secret knowledge must be the center of your thoughts in the foundation of your business. See, until you know what you want out of life and freedom, only then will you be able to go about creating a business that revolves around it.

Connection with life means that you are mixing day-to-day routines with your business. I have heard so much about the "leave your work at work" and I believe that is part of the problem. I am pretty sure that you've realized you cannot ever leave it, so you must constantly battle it. The thing is to find a way to connect your personal life with your business life. I know, rarely, that means making changes in the way you conduct business, what you do and who you serve.

Even though I try to give you the answers for life's most difficult questions in this forum, I am sure of this - Wake up from your slumber and make your dreams a living reality. I am not going to focus on the consequences as I believe you may already be living in them in some sort of way.

Find out what you want to do with your life, find what you are willing to risk in order to make it happen, and live every single day knowing that you have the power to turn an idea into physical form.