The consumer market is progressively moved by its overall product salestake a look at the rapid growth of consumer goods marketed as "green." By playing up your companys sense of purpose and quality, you are sure to increase much needed sales.

First, we must all agree on two central principles:
  • The business must be guided by a deep and profound purpose which should be recognized as company common sense, if not, it must be known by all stakeholdersconsumers, workers, suppliers, and investors.
  • The business must intentionally and openly defend all stakeholders by exercising well thought out business decisions whenever possible.
Your long-term success is the result of dedication and passion to these principles. Your company must be known for its extraordinary customer loyalty and out-of-the-way employee tenure; if stakeholders understand a company then they're more likely to stick with them, whether as a consumer or an employee.

Interestingly, many will not believe in the "deeper purpose" of a company.

Your team members must explain that they are helping to change the world and making it a better place.

Second, your company must follow these steps:
  • Learn your purpose and make everything revolve around that dream.
  • Forget the typical model of building shareholder value and focus on a deeper model of growing value for all your stakeholders (consumers, workers, suppliers, investors, the local community, and planet earth).
  • Gravitate towards a model that replaces hierarchical styles of control. The fundamental components of your new model are: education, appreciation of efforts, responsibility, accountability, and trust.
  • Guarantee that your company is preserving its core beliefs to communities and the planet.