Thereís a universal pattern to building anything, whether itís dream or reality. There are principles that must be followed if you want to grow. By staying true to these ideas, you can charm customers and bring in the money you want.

What do you really want?
Before you start anything, you must know what you really want. Do some research and find out what pleases you the most. Without a deep understanding of what you really want, your attempts will fall short of any goal. Fine tuning yourself will help you out immensely. It may seem counterproductive to narrow your options down, but itís the number one thing to do to if you want long-term business. Hereís an advantage point to consider: every time you narrow down your possibilities, you can charge more for your time.

What do they really want?
After youíve figured yourself out, itís time for you to understand what they truly want. What are their dreams? What worries them the most? Thereís nothing in it for you if youíre not sure what they want. Hereís a simple thought: people pay for what they want, not what they need. Understand your audience and youíll understand everything.

What do you have to offer?
Since you understand very well, you already know the end before the end. The closer you become to it, the more youíll do in life and business. Use your product or service for their end, so youíll always be saving the end of their end. When youíre tuned into the greater vision of everything, youíll see a flash of things running effortlessly. Youíll never worry about making sales and youíll live to enjoy the flow of it all Ė the needs of humanity, and products created out of thought to exceed those needs. What are you talking about? Human beings donít buy because they appreciate something, they buy to feel like a part of something.

Create demand
What are you offering with your product or service, and what should your customers give in return? To be successful in business and life, you must answer that question in a single sentence. You must state what you have to offer in a way that makes people rush through the doors. Brainstorm a couple of offers, it will help to build a foundation of all your efforts.

Seek and you shall find
Where does your audience like to hang out? Where do they come together? What do they read? What do they do? If youíve done an extensive amount of research in previous times, you already know the answers to your questions. Now, seek and find your finds.

Develop good relations
Youíve performed all the research, created an outstanding product, met the demand of your audience, and made an out of this world offer. To scale all of your efforts youíve already done, develop good relations all the time. What is the ideal way to go about this? By personalizing your relationships as much as possible. Hereís an idea to follow: Develop relationships, and think of ways to keep it personal.

Always be closing
I know this is such a clichť, and thatís a sad fact, since itís fundamental if you want to prosper. Learn to ask for business. For a couple of entrepreneurs, it means a face-to-face meeting, and for a lucky few, the entire process can be computerized. Either way, you must give detailed information so customers can buy with confidence. Make it routine to give this information away as much as humanely possible, with brochures, business cards, and web pages, so that you can scale your efforts in no time.

Make more offers
The gist of your profits will be from more sales to happy customers. Youíve established a relationship with them already and they trust you. Create more products to make more offers as you strive to solve any problem they will face. These customers will bring stability, and youíre not running around finding new business.

Stick to these ideas to put yourself on a path to new business and new money. Keep fine tuning it until youíve mastered your craft. Personalize as much as you can, and make offers to happy customers. If you do this, youíre on the way to creating the dreams you dreamt.