In spite of the gloomy news, I absolutely believe that small business will run us out of the difficult times. Although small businesses might not have the resources of a global organization, we do have one fundamental asset that will demonstrate more value than anything else: the power to be agile. I think this makes us comfortably positioned to endure the downturn and go forth stronger.

Additional advantages we have under the current circumstances is that tech startups generally bank on sales of equity while functioning with substantial debt. As the credit markets stiffen up, this evens out the playing field within reason. Larger organizations can be backbreaking to vie with when they're spending freely, but as they bring down the spending and have little financing available to them, it actually allows us to compete with them.

As a tech company, the greatest cost by far is talent. Larger businesses, especially those heavily hit in the financial sector, will significantly cut down their staff. Suddenly, elite talent is on hand and oftentimes considerably below what they once brought in. You will receive an astonishing number of extremely qualified resumes, with several willing to work for more equity and lower wages. You might even a couple of applicants working for only equity and benefits.

At last, the economic downswing is making both individuals and businesses more price sensible. These pioneers have a wonderful opportunity to compete with a humbler, lightweight product. When times are great, prospective clients may be searching for the best of the best, no matter the price - but you will find them more receptive to your sales pitch for a product that does 75% of what the market leader does for a third of the cost.

In the end, small businesses should see the dismal economy as an unparalleled opportunity to conquer market share - one that may not exist when global organizations are happily spending and committing their more significant resources to work. There is, in my opinion, no greater time to start a small business.

Do you agree with me or not?