Intrapreneurship -- entrepreneurship within a large organization. Therefore, it demands a different outlook and unique expectations. Here is a real life list of what it takes to win as an intrapreneur.

Move on
The main function of innovation is to create an early product or service that will supersede the existing profit sources of a company. And this is the challenge: few people would like to move on. They'd rather make believe the money will come everlastingly. This isn’t the case, so if you do not move on, someone else will do the same and be one step ahead of you.

Become innovative
I mean this only in a constructive way. Intrapreneurship takes an intense leader since the rest of the world will say that the new product or service isn't feasible, it can't be done, and customers aren’t demanding it. At the first pinch of ugly news, the entire management team is going to demand the intrapreneurial system to die first.

Refresh your mind
Essentially everything that a big company does is inaccurate for an intrapreneurial system—particularly planning, testing, and marketing. The winning intrapreneurial team needs to refresh its mind and use new, and often revolutionary, approaches to constructing a new product or service.

Take work off-site
The perfect distance for an intrapreneurial system is greater than one mile but less than 15 miles from the main office. This is because you would like to be far enough from management intervening in what you’re doing but close enough to take hold of resources and employees on occasion.

Eccentric workers are key
To a lot of people, an intrapreneurial business seems like the place to work. But this doesn’t make them eligible to work in the group. What you want are individuals who understand that you’re moving on, changing the universe, and making some history. They might even be lost inside the company and don’t worry if they have scruffy background.

With these five ideas, a bold attempt from the soul of your company is more likely to push through. It’s not going to be easy, but maybe a few entrepreneurs will take notice at what you’ve accomplished and you'll be ahead of the pack for once.