Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and new to dropshipping as well. I have a few questions to ask.

I'm creating an e-commerce website and I would like to start dropshipping beauty and skincare products. The website has a very Canadian feel, so I'm trying hard to find a dropshipper with good quality products at reasonable price that doesn't charge out the wazoo for shipping to Canada. I've been doing a bit of research though and I am having a hard time finding a reputable company that is willing to do this.

So basically, I'm wondering if it's worth to pay a site like eSources or worldwidebrands? Does anyone know which one is better in terms of listing dropshippers that carry these types of product and ship to Canada?

I'm also thinking about free trials. I've found a few sites that let you sign up for free trials, thus allowing you to see all their products and prices, but most sites don't let you do this. I don't want to pay to sign up on a site in order to see their full inventory list. Does anyone know a way around this?

Any advice?