A radical move towards increasing buyer loyalty

eBay is making another strategic investment for developing a world-class platform for its users. Starting April, buyers will get access to a host of new features, which will not only enhance their overall experience trading on eBay but also meet their expectations.

A window to the key enhancements
  • Improve listings quality
  • Category and item specifics changes
  • Catalogues in more categories
  • New merchandising and advertising placements
  • Drive sales with My Vehicles
  • Manufacturer warranties in Electronics
So what’s for you as an eBay top-rated seller

Starting 1 May 2012, your final value fee discounts on transactions will be reduced but will continue to vary depending on your ‘PowerSeller’ level. All other benefits will remain the same, including promotion in Best Match searches, which is your most significant business benefit.

A Summary of your new final value fee discounts

PowerSeller LevelCurrent eBay Top-rated seller final value fee discountNew eBay Top-rated seller final value fee discount from 1 May 2012

A quick rundown of your benefits
  • An average 20% boost in visibility in Best Match search
  • ‘eBay Top-rated seller badge’ helps give added confidence to buy from you
  • You now have greater stability; a grace period has been introduced to protect your business from one-off issues that may arise
  • Opportunity to appear in the Value Box when listing with a matching product from the eBay catalogue in Technology
  • Discounts of up to 20% on final value fees
  • Opportunity to buy Featured First
So how do you achieve and maintain your eBay Top-rated seller status

The eBay Top-rated seller programme rewards sellers who offer the ‘best quality service’ to their customers. Visit eBay and read the tips on improving your detailed seller ratings and how to qualify for eBay Top-rated seller status.