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    1. OnlineHound is offline

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      Mar 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      UK Shipping To International Destinations - Facts and Tips for Overseas Shipments

      Hi, I'm thinking of offering international shipping to my customers, but as I do not know much about this I would kindly like to ask the members on this forum about the facts of international shipping. Thanks
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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Dec 2010
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      Hi Onlinehound,

      One of the pro sides of offering international shipping to your customers is that you will experience an increase in sales. The cons are dealing with all the documentation involved in international shipping. If you are going to ship internationally you need to inform your customers that costs may vary from those initially stated because of duties and taxes that may be included.

      Shipments within the EU aren't subject to VAT. If an EU customer is VAT-registered and can provide you with a valid EU VAT registration number, you can apply to zero-rate the sale. The VAT will be due in the destination country on acquisition of the goods. Zero-rating VAT for international trade | Business Link

      Each country you ship to requires customs forms. These allow governments to collect duties and taxes, enforce trade and regulatory policies. You can use Print Internet Postage for Mail & Packages on PC or Mac | Endicia to generate each customs form for you automatically and prints them out and then prints your mailing label on a thermal printer. Also Window Book (Mailing Software, Shipping Software, Postal Utilities | WindowBook) offers software systems for efficient international shipping and customs forms completion.

      When dealing with credit card and pay pal payments make sure that the destination address is the same as the the credit card or pay pal verified registered address. You could request customers to send you a fax of the front and the back of the card to confirm they hold the physical card.

      When writing the adress on the item you are going to ship, make sure that it is written in the format recognized by the destination country postal service.

      What you are actually shipping is as important as it’s destination, you need to have an accurate description of the product(s)your shipping.

      A good description answers the following questions:
      -What is it?
      -How many are there?
      -What is it made from?
      -What is the intended use?

      Accurate documentation is the most important element in international shipping. Completed paperwork will help your shipment reach its destination on time and reduce the risk of it being held by customs. The most commonly required documents for an international shipment are

      -Commercial invoice
      Which is required for the majority of non-document international shipments
      -Certificate of origin
      States in which country the shipped goods where manufactured. This certificate is important for classifying the goods in the customs regulations of the importing country, thus defining how much duty shall be paid. It’s also be important for import quota purposes and for statistical purposes, and especially for food shipments, it may also be important for health regulations.
      -Export Declaration
      You must make an export declaration for any product being exported to a non- European Community (EC) country including European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries. HM Revenue & Customs

      Almost all international shipments are subject of duties and taxes imposed by those countries you are shipping to. These normally need to be paid before a shipment leaves customs and are based on product value, trade agreements country of manufacture, The product’s Harmonized System (HS) code (Harmonized System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and the documentation going with your shipment.

      Many countries allow gifts to enter the country duty-free if the value of that item is lower than the threshold set by that country. For example, to import a gift into the UK the value needs to be less than 36 GBP.

      For your item to qualify as a gift, it needs to meet the following requirements:
      -It needs to be clearly marked “GIFT” and include a clear description of it’s content
      -The value can not exceed the threshold of the country shipped to
      -In most countries the shipment must be sent person to person without a company being involved on the shipping documentation

      The steps involved to make an international shipment in a nutshell:

      -Determine if your item can be shipped to the country in question
      -Complete all the necessary forms
      -Prepare your documents for shipping
      -Ensure that all information on the required documents is accurate and consistent
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    3. Thank you for this post:

      OnlineHound (22 Apr 2011)

    4. OnlineHound is offline

      Join Date
      Mar 2011
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
      3 Times in 2 Posts
      Thank you so much for you reply WholesaleMod

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