I am a 23 year old student still trying to find a good business suitable for me. I have noticed I feel more comfortable working from home. I really do not see myself working for someone in the future, even though I am in school majoring in accounting and international business hopefully.

I have mostly worked for my father in a small family transportation business we have. Been in it for over 5 years and has taken me nowhere financially. Looking to invest 1K in to the e-commerce business.

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in my dining area on my laptop doing homework. I then found a good watch that caught my eye for many reasons and I figure I would import them, re-brand them and sell them. Most importantly build a good, respectable brand.

So far, I am working in getting some samples send to me with my logo before manufacturing 200-400 depending on the amount I can afford to invest at the moment. Luckily, through our family business I was able to network with a guy who happens to have a friend with a marketing and web design business in India. He told me he could help me in that area of the business in return for a good quality and cheaper.

I gave them their first small task to see how it goes so far and to look at the prices as well. Their job is to finalize better my logo draft I did. So it can be sent to my manufacturer.

I do plan in copy-writing and trademark my logo. As far as patent, I am not sure if is worth investing with a product that is already out there, but no one really has re brand it. I plan on carrying different custom watches by the way.

Going to be working on my business plan and also looking to learn more in the following areas.

-Packing and Shipping
-Shipping Internationally
-What to keep track off and in what way is best doing it

Finally, I have been wondering if I start off with 1 or 2 products should I launch the brand with a proper domain web store or should I find a cheaper less risk way first.

I am confident that it will take off mainly because of the product I am providing. Also, after doing some research on the product that is out there already Unbranded. A lot of people are having a hard time buying or wondering the brand. So there is a high demand for that.

So even though I may have 1 or 2 products in stock ready to sell should I start selling and accepting payment through a decent website?