Hi, I am new to Wholesale Forum, but long time lurker. I have been buying from the UK wholesalers and reselling for over 4 years and would like to put my own order of automotive goods from China for resale.

It will be no more than two pallets worth of goods but they will be from a range of suppliers and I imagine (could be wrong), it will be cheaper to have everything sent to an agent, who can receive and store my goods and once all orders are received, can pack them and ship as one consignment by sea.

I know there are a lot of agents on this forum as well as people who can put me in touch with someone they use and trust. I also could be barking up the wrong tree and this is not the way these sorts of orders are done, so any help would be appreciated.

I would be wanting samples of everything. So, I would like to have all samples sent to one shipper in China who can then forward them as one parcel; does it make more sense? A lot of my items are over 2 Kg, so rules out China Air.

Many thanks