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    1. wholesaleinsight's Avatar
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      Oct 2009
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      United States
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      Have you used the new UPS Store to handle your printing projects?

      You guys should check out the new UPS Internet service that lets you design business cards, posters, brochures and other materials online. They will print and prepare your order for pickup at a local UPS store. The new service is really targeting towards the small business. There has been a growing need in the marketplace for a printing platform that's pretty much easy to use, provides a lot of functionality, and is supported by a convenient network of branch locations.

      To see it for yourself, you simply log into The UPS Store | Welcome To Online Printing, upload a document or several documents and the nearest UPS store for pickup. You can even register your own profile on their website for the secure storage of your printing projects for later use.

      However, with more than 4,500 UPS stores located all around the country, UPS has not said how many of them will be offering this online printing service. As you might have noticed UPS is entering into a marketplace that has grown exponentially in recent years, where VistaPrint has dominated the website printing service as well as offering customized printing projects that cover an array of promotional items.

      VistaPrint has said that it doesn't really fear the new UPS service that's stepping into its territory. VistaPrint has mostly offered its customers, many of whom are small businesses, a way to access services from a national chain of stores. VistaPrint has also announced to offer its printing services to 1,600 of FedEx Office stores, formally known as FedEx Kinko's.

      If FedEx can’t turn a profit with Kinko's, what chance will UPS have? In my opinion, UPS shouldn't spend too much time, money and effort into repeating FedEx's mistakes.

      Feel free to share any of your own experiences with UPS stores. I'm out.
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    2. adamm is offline

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      Jun 2010
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      United States
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      I've had no dealings with UPS in this regard, just basic shipments. But my experiences with them have always been favourable. If they handle their printing business the way they handle their shipping business, they should do alright.
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