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    1. samspot123 is offline

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      Jun 2012
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      Cheapest way to transport 30kg of items containing liquid from China to India ?

      I would like to know the cheapest way to transport 30kg of items containing liquid from China to India. My manufacturer quotes a cost of 444$ or so. The lowest I got after bargaining is for 350$. That is more than the cost of the product itself as a whole. We are a startup company and really don't know the way around this. Time is not a constraint because we intend to stock the product. Please do suggest a solution to this. I did a lot of searching and still couldn't find a better offer

      Thank You
      Samuel George
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    2. samspot123 is offline

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      Jun 2012
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      H S Code : 95059000
      Dimension of packing : 30x40x50 cm
      Weight: 12Kgs
      Postal Code : 400050
      Source Country : China
      Destination Country : India
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    3. IMEX Sourcing Services's Avatar
      IMEX Sourcing Services is offline

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      Aug 2011
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      Hi Samuel,

      Could you share more info. about the name of the commodity, and whether it is either toxic, corrosive or dangerous?
      IMEX Sourcing Services
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