The stakes are getting higher and higher when doing business nowadays due to the amount of market globalization and fierce competition out there in nearly every industry. There are hundreds of thousands of importers and exporters all over the globe, and it makes perfect sense for a company to try to do business with the suppliers they actually know or have some knowledge about. Many entrepreneurs and businesspeople invest in a business and see it fail due to poor choices with suppliers.

Nonetheless, no risk means no chance of prevailing in this competition-driven world. Therefore, extending trading business to the Asian continent in countries such as China might turn out to be a great idea. There are two possible scenarios—some business people know a couple of importers or exporters there who they trust, and others have no connections or leads at all.

Those lucky enough to enjoy the friendship of acquaintances and know some reliable Chinese importers or exporters are one step closer to achieving the goal of creating a wonderful bond between their businesses and Asia. Seeking referrals and following up on word-of-mouth recommendations are other important parts of the search process that can help you land dependable, reliable suppliers.

Savvy importers and exporters spread every single one of their antennas to look for reliable connections in China. You just never know when you have connected with someone who knows a great importer or exporter or if anyone you know has information that would be relevant to your search. People meet people all the time, and the circumstances are sometimes surprising, so there is actually no telling where the rabbit is going to hop from.

If these steps do not lead to anyone who can provide some references for Chinese importers or exporters, the next logical step is to go on the Internet and start browsing. Take some time, and look for wholesale directories that are operated in the People’s Republic of China. It’s certainly not a good idea to blindly believe everything one might hear about a certain company. It is best to carefully read the testimonials and feedback from other sellers or buyers who have actually done business with those companies. Scams have rapidly spread over the past years, and it takes vigilance to avoid being counted among those who lost money on ghost trades.

The option to do business with a wholesaler without purchasing a membership or subscription is a sign of good commercial behavior. This is one of the scammers’ favorite moves, so be aware, and avoid these particular companies. Do your research to avoid scammers at all costs.

Once a short list of potential traders is developed, check out their offers and write e-mails asking for complete information. If the company’s answer comes in a prompt, clear, and detailed manner, chances are that they are a reliable Chinese exporter. Also, making some calls to check whether a Chinese company actually exists is another great idea. For those who can afford it, a trip to China to meet importers or exporters face-to-face and establish all the final details is a wise move.